Broken car in Paris, what to do?

auto repair

If your car does not start or you break down while driving, you will no longer be able to take it to a garage yourself. You will therefore need to quickly find a towing or recovery solution on site. In Paris, there are specialized companies that can come to your home or pick up your vehicle. When to call a car repairer in Paris? How is the intervention going?

Emergency situations requiring on-site repair

When a car does not start, you often have to think about a dead battery and it will be necessary to recharge it on the spot. The troubleshooter will come to the site with a booster or a powerful third-party vehicle that he will connect to yours using special clamps connecting the two batteries. Depending on the make of the vehicle and the specifics of the battery, the battery can sometimes be changed directly on site without transporting it to a third party garage.

The car breakdown service in Paris is also needed when your vehicle is started, but after a few meters the engine will "cough", the car jerks and starts to smoke. In this case, you must stop immediately, as it is very likely that you have made a fuel error requiring a complete emptying of the tank.

The same applies in the event of an involuntary locking of the vehicle with loss of keys or a puncture. In the first case, you should know that a car repair professional in Paris must be able to open your vehicle and reprogram a key on the spot. In the second case, the professional will come to your home to dismantle the flat tire and install a spare tire or sometimes the final street if it is in stock. If your vehicle does not have a temporary wheel, then the vehicle will be towed to the garage of your choice.

More complex breakdowns

Whether you are close to your usual parking spot or several hundred kilometers away, some breakdowns require the vehicle to be towed by a truck fitted with a suitable platform.

As cars are increasingly equipped with electronics, a simple light on can block the entire system and force the vehicle to stop. If this happens to you on a country road or even in Paris, the intervention of a tow truck will be essential.

Above all, do not be afraid of seeing your car installed on this type of platform, because the repair professional will take all the necessary precautions to ensure that it is perfectly attached. However, be sure to carry out a contradictory inspection of your vehicle before it is taken care of in order to avoid any subsequent dispute about a possible scratch or damage that you notice when you get off your vehicle.

Troubleshooting can also take place in the event of a damaged vehicle and the latter can then be left in the garage approved by the insurance company who will pay for the repairs.