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Difficult to make a choice for your new Monobloc Air Conditioner? We wrote this Monobloc Air Conditioner special buying guide to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we have done our utmost to help you choose the best Monobloc Air Conditioner!

Our selection of monobloc air conditioners

Monobloc air conditioner buying guide

The Monobloc air conditioner is an effective solution in hot weather. However, the offer of packaged air conditioners is vast that it is not always easy to make the right choice. You cannot invest in this type of product without any preparation especially when you have a limited budget. It is important to know the characteristics of the packaged air conditioner and to know the real advantages. With this detailed guide, we help you define your needs in order to find the best monoblock air conditioner that fits.

Monobloc Air Conditioner: Models and Features

As opposed to the split model which includes an outdoor unit connected to a separate indoor unit, the monobloc configuration only includes a single block. In other words, the various elements necessary for the operation of the air conditioner (compressor, condenser, holder, evaporator) are enclosed in a housing generally made of steel. 

The packaged air conditioner does not just circulate hot air like fans. It captures the heat from the indoor air and then discharges it through a flexible duct duct. The passage of hot air through the refrigeration circuit is sufficient to cool it. 

Programming has become a valid option on modern versions. Some monoblocks now have an LED or LCD display screen to manually adjust the temperature and program operating times. This system allows you to personalize your use of the air conditioner and save energy.

Knowing the different types of monobloc air conditioners on the market is useful to be able to adapt your purchase according to your real needs. Each product corresponds in fact to a particular need:

  • The monobloc wall-mounted air conditioner is a durable solution, ideal in extremely hot regions. After testing, we can confirm that it is more robust and performs better in the long term. Embedded in the wall, the duct is forced outwards through a drainage hole.
  • The monobloc mobile air conditioner presents itself as the best solution for occasional use. Most models of this type are lightweight and have casters for easy transport from room to room. They are also easy to install and the hot air exhaust duct can simply go through an opening such as a window.
  • The monobloc window air conditioner is often found in old renovated buildings which must meet the requirements for upgrading. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to install a duct since the device is installed straddling the window sill.

How to choose the right monobloc air conditioner?

On the shelf, remember to check several parameters such as the power of the air conditioner. A model that is not powerful enough for the surface to be cooled will overspeed and consume twice as much for less efficiency. With the help of a salesperson, calculate the power you need based on the size or volume of the room. In general, it takes 45W per cubic meter.

Via our comparison, you can discover the importance of the appliance's energy efficiency. The best monobloc air conditioner on the market will be class A, A , A , etc. The energy efficiency test is done by calculating the ratio between the cooling power of the air conditioner and the amount of energy consumed. 

When making your purchase, you should also take a close look at the packaged air conditioner options. Some are able tohumidify the air to gain more comfort, while others offer a filter system to clean the air circulating in the house. The best filtering for monobloc air conditioners, whether mobile or stationary, is undoubtedly the activated carbon filter.

Since its motor is located inside the case as well, its noise level can quickly become a problem. Avoid making a device that was originally supposed to provide a pleasant atmosphere irritating because of the noise. The most recent models are equipped with new technology which reduces the sound volume to drop below the 60dB mark. Tests have shown that it is desirable to opt for a mobile monoblock with "night" function for a bedroom. This prototype runs at full speed during the day and gradually reduces power.

Practical and functional, the monobloc air conditioner represents a reasonable investment. Discover the price ranges in our comparison and estimate the essential budget to equip your interior. 

If you're not a DIY pro and haven't considered hiring an expert, the mobile monoblock version is arguably the most recommended for you. It is very easy to install. Just run the exhaust duct through an open window and turn on the machine. The air conditioner does all the work with optimum performance. Using duct extensions sold online, the hose can be extended without risk to suit all possible room configurations.

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