6 tips to organize a stress-free party

Whether it's the end of the year celebrations, a birthday, a retirement or a party with family or friends, organizing a party for several guests is quickly a puzzle and the organizer can quickly be overcome by stress. To arrive serenely on the key date and enjoy the party without being exhausted, we give you 6 tips. Do a big cleaning upstream, think about buy disposable tableware, establish the shopping list… Here are some tips to follow to the letter.

Buy disposable tableware 

In order not to stress with the decoration of the table, turn to disposable tableware. You can be sure to prepare a beautiful table for your guests with the decoration adapted to the theme of your party. Whether you are organizing a meal for 6 or 24, you are sure not to offer mismatched table service. And yes, who has 24 identical plates, glasses and cutlery?

Plus, buying disposable tableware not only avoids the unpleasant surprise of a broken glass at dinner, but most importantly, the dreaded table chore.

Clean up

To arrive on the big day of the party in a state of absolute serenity, consider cleaning up a few days before. Dust, storage, cleaning of the bathroom and toilets, take note of all the rooms where your guests go.

On D-Day, a simple vacuum cleaner after cooking will be enough. Not only will you be relaxed about having that chore less, but you'll also be eager to see your guests arrive.

Prepare big pitchers

If you have more than 6 guests, don't add extra stress to yourself during the aperitif. You don't need to think about offering cocktails to your friends or family, it's way too long. The trick is to make drinks in a pitcher. Sangria is ideal for large tables, just like margarita or pina colada. The other benefit of the pitcher is that your guests are on their own.

Keep it simple

The greater the number of guests, the more stress increases. Also, it is useless to put the small dishes in the big ones by wanting to serve complicated dishes which require a last minute preparation. Basically, cross cheese soufflé off your menu. Turn to dishes to prepare the night before. Some traditional dishes are better reheated, such as civet or Provencal stew, for example. 

Offering a buffet will require more work the day before than on the big day. The trick, if you receive relatives: offer a country buffet made with cold meats and cheese. You can be sure that you have almost nothing to do except unpack the products and concentrate on a pretty presentation.

Think of vegetarians

The more guests you have, the more likely you are that one or more of them will be vegetarian. To avoid any inconvenience during the service, consider preparing a dish that is not only vegetarian, but also vegan, such as risotto with vegetables or mushrooms. If there is any leftover, you can always freeze it.

Think about the animation

Depending on the theme of your party, but also the nature of the party, think about the entertainment beforehand. Of home magician Whether you're preparing the mood playlist or one that will make your friends dance, prepare yourself ahead and work out the details.

By following these few tips, you should receive your guests stress-free and you too, get your feet under the table and enjoy your friends or family.