5 trendy jewelry that will never go out of style


Just like clothes and wardrobe, there are jewelry that will never go out of style and that you can wear in all circumstances and forever!

Just like clothes and wardrobe, there are jewelry that will never go out of style and that you can wear in all circumstances and forever! We already know the context on the right and, in terms of jewelry (like those offered Els Benvinguts), we can apply the same theory: the coolest trends around + those pieces that will never go out of style = the perfect jewelry box.

Because, just like with clothes, there will always be a few pieces that we could wear our whole life. And, in our opinion, those are these 6 types of jewelry:

A choker or a very fine chain

Whether in silver or gold, a thin necklace or choker will always add an elegant and sophisticated touch to your look.

Cultured pearls as a necklace

It’s true that this season they’ve come back strong, but the truth is they never went out of fashion, we just kinda forgot them.
Believe it or not, pearls fit any figure.Get rid of that image of a cross-legged lady's head.Unless, of course, you are a new rich man and want to recreate the Chanel style to the letter.For starters, we recommend wearing the more classic pearls by tailoring the necklace to your more casual style, over a tee with that rock band image and your worn jeans and pair of Converse.If you are more "romantic style" you can accompany your "meadow" style shirt with pearls, but make sure that they are irregular or very small, like the new designs, so as not to give a too spooky image.

Classic earrings

Simple, beautiful and extremely elegant. They are also ideal for everyday use, but also for the evening, when you want to make your dress play a leading role.
Nor as big as those of Selena, nor as small as the ones your mother wore when you were little, they will always be a great ally to give a touch of freshness to your outfits.

Thin and delicate bracelets

Whether they have a tiny pendant, a thin chain, or a classic pattern like the Love Bracelet from Cartier, the T Wire from Tiffany & Co. or something extremely simple and without a lot of patterns, these are bracelets that you can imagine. 'you can wear it all your life.
And also, why not, the minimalist bracelet, so thin and so beautiful worn next to your watch so much that you will never take it off. It goes with everything from jeans to evening dresses, so it's always with you. An advice ? When you want to dress more, you can combine several from the same range.

“Last but not the least”: all that is gold!

Very seriously, this metal has something in it that changes the way you look at you ...

A lot of people say that jewelry is timeless and we can confirm it, but the truth is that there are also jewelry trends that mark space and time. So this year is marked by extremes, the purest minimalism or the art of maximalism.