5 good reasons to open an online bank account

Online banks are attracting more and more customers. Free or inexpensive, it must be said that they offer many advantages. Operating entirely online, they constitute pureplayers. Certainly, unlike traditional banks, the relationship with the banker is different, but the service remains the same: current account, life insurance, credit, savings book, etc., and much more. For those who are still hesitant, here are 5 good reasons to open an online bank account:

Saving time

It's a fact, everything online is fast, from online sales to online banking. Whatever services you need, there is no longer any need to go to an agency and stand in line to benefit from them. All you have to do is connect to the dedicated site or application from a smartphone or computer.

Financial advisers can be contacted online (email, chat, webcam), but also by phone according to a very flexible time slot. Otherwise, open a bank account online is quick and easy: after checking your eligibility requirements, download the application and complete the online registration form. You will then have to sign your contract and send it with your supporting documents. Make your first payment and you're done.

Bank charges

One of the biggest assets of virtual banks is bank charges. They are lower compared to traditional banks due to the absence of mark-ups for current transactions which are now carried out online.

This results in customers enjoying affordable banking fees, or even none in some cases. Indeed, the majority of current transactions are free for online banks. All that remains is the credit card membership fee to pay, but some offer free cards to stand out from the competition.

Savings products

In addition to opening a current account and various means of payment, an online bank also offers attractive savings products. For an online bank account, it works the same way as traditional banks. The online bank savings book is similar to A booklet of traditional banking. The "super passbook" is a rate-boosted and unregulated savings passbook for the government, and concerns traditional banks as well as online banks.

In addition, their guarantee is risk-free, not to mention the rate of remuneration which can be three times higher than that of passbooks with traditional banks. Not to mention the presence of a welcome offer such as a subsidized rate or a premium are very regularly offered by online banks.

As for life insurance contracts, the majority of online banks do not charge payment fees or entry fees to pay. Finally, there are also stock market orders which offer great speed and accessibility to transactions; you can enjoy advantageous pricing and many other special offers only available from online banks.

Optimized management

Opening an online bank account involves managing it remotely. Therefore, whether from a PC, phone or tablet, access to your account is easy, 24/24 and from any location. Thanks to the customer area, the account is completely secure. You manage your account independently and have everything at your disposal, whatever your need: checkbook order, transaction history, Visa or Mastercard request, RIB printing, etc.


Enfin, en ce qui concerne les services proposés par les banques en ligne, chacun tente d’innover, d’attirer et de fidéliser la clientèle. De ce fait, vous pouvez retrouver des services uniques et intéressants comme la signature électronique des documents, l’ouverture de compte joint, Apple Pay, la commande de devises, les différents outils de gestion du budget, l’enregistrement en ligne des chèques sans date de valeur, etc.