5 essential accessories for your smartphone

smartphone accessory

These days, it seems difficult to just shop at the grocery store without running into a huge display of smartphone accessories dedicated to impulse shoppers. While a lot of these gadgets are of poor quality, a handful of them are really useful.
Why clutter your life with unnecessary accessories for your smartphone? So here are five that are essential.

1. A screen protector

Screen protectors are the first line of defense against scratches and cracks. These thin adhesive screens are very inexpensive, and when applied correctly to your phone, they can last anywhere from six months to a year. There are a lot of them on the market, and they all work more or less the same. If like many, you have damaged the screen of your particularly foldable smartphone before it is provided with a protective film, know that you can restore it to perfect condition thanks to a repair kit.

2. A suitable case

Adding a case to your smartphone is not only about aesthetics, but more importantly is the addition of a layer of impact protection, which can cushion the shock of a fall and thus reduce damage. Cases can be made of plastic, silicone, wood, and even leather. When shopping for a case, look for drop protection and a style that you love. To help you out while you wait to find the right one for you, you can use a plastic pouch.

3.Headphones tailored to your needs

Headphones are essential accessories for your smartphone. This is probably why a bundle is included with almost every smartphone purchase. The headphones that came with your device might be passable or even great, but if you listen to a lot of music or talk on the phone a lot, you're probably going to want headphones that suit your lifestyle better. You can find Bluetooth versions of several models and even headphones that suppress ambient noise.

4. A spare battery or charger for the car

If you own a car, invest in a car charger for your phone and leave it in the glove box or center console. The worst time to see your phone battery run out of steam is when you're stuck in traffic and need to get in touch with someone.
If you don't drive regularly, the best investment is a battery backup. These are often designed to blend nicely with the aesthetics of compatible devices. Carrying one with you could save you a lot of hassle.

5. A cleaning cloth

If dirty screens don't bother you, this may not be a must-have for you, but if you're the type of person who appreciates a clean screen, you'll love to have a suitable cloth on hand for any occasion. They're small, inexpensive, and unobtrusive, and you can hide them anywhere. A quick tip, by the way, remember to never use glass cleaner on touch screens and most other electronic devices.

In short, even if most smartphone accessories are gadgets that will go out of style quickly, some are essential. Choose them carefully and they may well extend the life of your device and make it even more enjoyable to use.