Why is auto insurance compulsory?

According to a law of February 27, 1958, all motor vehicles must be covered. This is auto insurance where the minimum guarantee is used to cover all damage caused while driving. It therefore ensures the protection of third parties, but also yours by compensating the victims on your behalf. Therefore, auto insurance is not only mandatory, but also essential.

Liability auto insurance

In France, as in all countries of the European Union, it is compulsory to insure your car to third parties. This is a cover which has the legal obligation to insure material damage up to 457,000 euros and bodily injury (without any limit). Thus, in the event of an inspection, you must always have the insurance certificate in your vehicle in order to present it to the police.

Protection of third parties

With auto insurance, if you are responsible for a possible traffic accident while driving, all damages suffered by the victims are compensated. Thus, compensation for the damage is complete; everything must be covered: cosmetic damage, pretium pain, functional deficit, loss of income, home help, etc. The cases which are not covered are damage caused to you or a member of your family and damage caused intentionally to third parties.

Driver protection

However, auto insurance protects you as the driver as long as it takes care of compensating victims for you. This saves you heavy expenses in the event of an accident with personal injury. It should be noted that the average cost required for hospitalization of an injured person is 135,526 euros. In the event of non-insurance, the victims are immediately taken care of by the FGAO or compulsory insurance guarantee fund which will immediately hasten to tackle the reimbursement of the sums spent increased by 10 %.

Other obligations made to the driver

In addition, other obligations are required vis-à-vis the driver. One of these is having a breathalyzer in the vehicle. This took effect with the publication of the decree of March 1, 2013 according to which all motorists are legally obliged to have a breathalyzer in their car. However, you should know that lack of possession is not penalized.

There is also the obligation to communicate your bonus / penalty rate during a car insurance simulation. This is a rate to be specified on your auto insurance information statement. It shows your bonus-malus as well as your accidents and responsibilities. Without this information, your simulation amount will not be exact. You should also know that this statement is accessible by insurance companies in the event of a new subscription; so it is not possible to cover it up.

How to take out auto insurance?

Auto insurance must be taken out from an insurance company. Insurers now offer different offers to adapt according to your needs. You should also know that the driver's experience, the number of kilometers traveled per year, the profile of the driver or the type of vehicle are taken into account. It is important to compare the offers before making your choice.