Why take out a real estate loan SCI?

Divorce, death, acquisition of real estate ... the situations in which you may be required to receive an inheritance or transfer the rights to real estate are many and varied. That is why consider a real estate loan SCI can be an interesting financial strategy for you and those around you!

But what is behind the acronym SCI? This is the expression Real estate company which designates the agreement by which you can own several real estate (apartments, premises, houses, etc.) and dispose of them as you see fit, within the limits of the legal clauses of course. As the specificity of a company is to set up under the agreement of several members, at least two people are necessary to create a real estate company. But what is the point of such an approach?

Property succession: the advantages of the SCI mortgage loan

There are many end-of-life procedures, such as writing a will, that everyone has to anticipate during their life. And if you own one or more real estate, the constitution of a financial file allowing you to take out a real estate loan SCI is one of the most interesting!

With the assistance of a broker, you can establish the conditions of your inheritance contract and define both the rate of your real estate loan SCI (flexible or variable fixed) as the part of the transfer of the goods that you want for your heirs. Whether total or partial, the transfer of real estate involves responsibilities and in particular the payment of inheritance tax.

Anticipating these financial issues allows you, through the creation of an SCI, to reduce or distribute this payment in the way that you think is best for your successors. In other words, by including your heirs in a real estate civil society, you save them a lot of expense to touch the legacy you want to leave them. An administrative task that can be tedious, unless you hire a mortgage broker to assist you.

Share the costs with an SCI mortgage

But the case of inheritance is not the only one in which you can opt for a SCI mortgage. Indeed, the purchase of a common good can also be the subject of this type of contract held by several parties. How to proceed ? Here is some information on these steps!

The term that you will certainly come across while setting up your SCI real estate loan is: joint ownership. This legal state stipulates that all legal or natural persons sharing the rights to an SCI mortgage have the same rights. On the other hand, their respective parts are not divided strictly speaking.

To establish this financial file, you can again refer to a broker. Supported by this professional, you and your loved ones establish, via a real estate loan SCI, the different financial shares held by each of the partners having access to one or more common goods. An equality which however implies a unanimous agreement with each major decision around these goods.

Do not hesitate to dig deeper into the subject to build your file and thus take out an SCI mortgage.