Why add a trailer to your vehicle?

car trailer

We generally think of transport vehicles as “complete units”, integral and special purpose. But, in fact, trucks and vans can also adapt and improve their performance, for example, with the use of trailers.

Why should a pickup truck or van have a trailer?

Simply to better fulfill its function of transporting goods. If you own a small logistics vehicle like a pickup truck or van, seriously consider purchasing one or consider the trailer rental!

The advantages of trailers

• Flexibility. Light transport has a limited amount of goods, necessary for certain types of goods and services. But a particular customer may need a little more carrying capacity, but not one that justifies a much larger vehicle. The trailer allows you to add total load capacity so you don't lose the customer. When you need it, it's there. When he doesn't, he pulls over.

• Versatility. There are a lot of different trailers so you can give yourself more options. For example, your van might not be designed to haul frozen food, but what if your trailer is? Could your insulated van benefit from a non-refrigerated storage trailer? You could be more versatile and reach more clients or even if you are in the construction industry thinking about rental of a mini excavator towed by this trailer ...

• Reduced administrative needs. If you're driving a light van (3500 kg GVW) because you only have a Type B driver's license, don't worry. If the permissible gross vehicle weight (GVWR) of the trailer is less than 750 kg, no constraint is imposed. If the GVWR of the trailer is between 750 kg and 3.5 T, it is possible to drive a set (car and trailer) up to 4.25 T without special conditions. If you just prove that you have the ability to driving with a trailer on the road, you can adapt your B license to the B-96 license and, thus, you will be able to go from 3,500 to 4,250 kg.

Of course, if you decide to buy a large trailer, you will be able to increase your carrying capacity, but sometimes they are difficult to maneuver and move with one downside… big: their cost too!

In conclusion, here are some advantages of trailers:

Easy to tow: thanks to its low weight, a small trailer is easy to attach to the vehicle as well as to maneuver.

Low profile: the height is normally at the same level as most vehicles.

Easy access: thanks to its reduced dimensions, you can access narrower places without having to unhook the trailer, making loading and unloading more direct.

More economical: Not only does the small trailer cost less, but you also save on fuel. Having a trailer for logistics or for your work allows you to get by without needing the service of a professional.