Which funeral plaque to choose?

Death is an event like any other. It is part of existence, if not its end. So, one day or another, we all end up losing a loved one. At that time, despite the pain of the death, one is required to hold a funeral ceremony.

Funeral plaques are the best way to pay homage to a loved one who has passed away and at the same time to express all their attachment to them. In this article, we show you the criteria that will allow you to choose a funeral plaque.

What material to choose for a funeral plaque?

Like the stelae, funeral plaques pay homage to the deceased, but they also allow loved ones to keep the memory of the missing person and to show their affection. Thus, their representation is quite important. There are different types of funeral plaques on the market.

If granite was initially the material for making plaques, today death plaques are made from different materials such as marble, stone (natural or enamelled lava), plexiglass, metal, PVC, glass , slate, wood, etc.

You therefore have the possibility to choose between a wide choice of materials according to your budget and your expectations. But you might as well opt for a solid and resistant plate that is not likely to deteriorate over time.

What shape for a funeral plaque?

The shape of a funeral plaque will depend on its destination (columbarium niche or tomb top). Classic rectangular models that emphasize the readability of the message will be perfect on a columbarium. But we also find on the market more decorative shapes intended to be installed on a plinth or directly on the tombstone.

Thus, you can order funeral plaques that are oval or in the shape of a heart, a cloud, a book, a star, etc. Some platforms offer you a fairly comprehensive range of models. It is up to you to make a choice, taking into account mainly the message to be written on the plate.

What dimension for a funeral plaque?

Like the shape, the size of a death plaque will depend on its destination. But here, the type of fixation also matters. There are 3 types of fixation for funeral plaque:

  • Plate screwed to the grave;
  • Plaque placed on the grave;
  • Plate integrated into the stele.

So, you have the choice between:

  • The standard format of 12 x 18 cm to screw on the grave;
  • A larger model (45 x 35cm, 30 x 20cm, 21 x 14cm, etc.) if you plan to simply place the death plaque on the grave;
  • A smaller model if the plate is to be attached, for example, to a columbarium.

On some platforms, it is possible to order your custom plate to better suit your needs.

What motive for the funeral plaque?

You can opt for a patterned death plaque to give the tombstone a little more cachet. Under these conditions, your choice can be on a neutral background, mat or with artistic effects.

The staging can be natural and represent a sunset, the rising sun, a clear blue sky or even a wheat field, a ground strewn with flowers and petals, a path in a pine forest, a lake, a pond, the sea, a river, the ocean, etc. There is quite a wide choice of which background to select.

You can also draw inspiration from the life of the deceased to create original patterns. They can be repeated, in mosaic or in a single good-sized copy. Thus, for a more personalized tribute, it is common to choose patterns that recall:

  • The profession of the deceased : if he was part of the army (police, gendarmerie, navy, etc.) for example, if he was a craftsman, farmer, thrill-seeker or engaged in humanitarian work;
  • Beliefs of the deceased : this is to include religious or spiritual elements such as an angel, Buddha, a Catholic cross, the Virgin Mary, etc.);
  • Leisure of the deceased : it is obviously also possible to draw inspiration from its passion for a sport (football, basketball, tennis, archery, etc.) or a specific activity (hunting, fishing, walking, reading, pétanque, painting, hiking, crafts, etc.).

What price for a death plaque?

When it comes to funeral plaques, the price range is quite wide. Entry-level plates are available from € 40. At this price, you cannot include any options. To get personalized and tailor-made plaques, you have to bet more. Generally, for this type of service, the prices vary between 100 € and 200 € or even more depending on the providers.

It is recommended that you compare the offers carefully before making your choice. You have the option of directly contacting most online providers to ensure the quality of the products they are selling.

Buying or ordering a funeral plaque must be done on the basis of a specific project to be able to get what you are looking for within your budget.