What is a dice game?

A dice game is a game that relies, in whole or in part, on the handling of this cubic object, which must be thrown to fall on a number. The dice appear in some games of the top 10 best online casinos, but it is often offline, or even outside of casinos, that it is played the most. We will observe, in this article, the genesis of these games, those that are the most successful, as well as those that we find, in general, in the best online casino for Canadians.

History of games

The dice are the oldest game tools of mankind, as even Sophocles and Herodotus, in about -450 BC, knew of them. It is found everywhere: among the Chinese, 600 years before our era, or among the Egyptians, 2000 years before our era. It was even played in the royal game of Ur more than 3000 years BC.

But it was not until the 16th century that their mathematical aspect was emphasized by Jérôme Cardan and Galileo. With them, chance and probability arose, whereas previously the throwing of the dice was a phenomenon seen as subject to divine will.

How to play it?

Each game varies on its use of the number of dice. But, on the whole, it's about rolling it (s), and adding up the results of each of the dice to get an idea of ??the total score of the roll. Then, what the game does with that score varies depending on the rules of the game.

Popular games

There are a huge number of dice games out there - over 150 -, and among them, here are the most popular:

  • The Yams or Yazhtee : game played with 5, and which ends when all the boxes of the scorecard are filled.
  • Craps: just throw two by making combinations. Requires four dealers.
  • The farkle: here we roll six dice, and the goal is to accumulate combinations to score points.
  • Liar Poker: a betting game, which is played with cubes that are thrown each turn.
  • Bunco: this one lasts six turns and is played with three dice.
  • Cho han: This Japanese game is played with six dice, which must be rolled with the results secret. Then the players bet on whether the sum of the dice is odd or even.

Games in casinos

In real or online casinos, the dice are guest of honor, but less so than the levers of slot machines or the cards of poker games. Nevertheless, there are two games that have made a place in the sun in casinos : craps and sic bo. The former is easy to play, hence its success, whether online or offline. The second, of Chinese origin, is not difficult either, and is played with three dice, the results of which have to be guessed. These kinds of games are popular because they don't require any special skill from the players: just observation and luck.


Dice games, where chance almost predominates most of the time, are fun in large part for this reason. Throwing them is an activity that we repeat, but which is fun, virtually or in real life.