What are the means to exterminate ants permanently?

exterminate ants definitively

Whether you live in the city or in the countryside, it is more and more common to see ants enter homes and especially in kitchens as they are in search of food for their colony. There are therefore several species of these insects in Quebec, including pavement ants (in cities because they nest under concrete or street paving stones), black field ants which often settle in the grass and ants. carpenters in front of their name to their taste for wood.

There is no need to worry if you only see a few, but more often than not the invasion is gradual until the time to intervene to exterminate them. Among the existing methods, some will advocate natural means and others chemical solutions.

The use of chemical solutions

For get rid of ants effectively, nothing like using chemicals. They are obviously to be handled with care. The first instinct will be to go to a specialized store or a garden center to buy a spray can and to spray it on the Indian lines of ants or the few specimens encountered.

This solution will be effective from time to time but will not work in the long term because you will only have managed to exterminate the visible part of a problem which in reality often turns out to be much larger. For example, if there are flying ants coming out of cracks in walls, these will usually be nests that you will need to exterminate in a much more drastic manner. Only a professional will be able to overcome it.

The best possible attitude in the face of an ant infestation is therefore to contact an extermination professional so that he can carry out a general inspection of the premises to determine the most suitable solution. He also has a good knowledge of each species and he will know exactly how to intervene by not being satisfied with spraying a product only in the visible areas. It will go to the source by going up to where the colony is lodged and it will mainly use powerful chemicals that can really kill all the ants.

Natural extermination solutions

If you are against the use of chemicals that are polluting the planet and if you have concerns about their harmfulness inside your home, there are always more natural solutions which, however, are unfortunately not very effective. Among these grandmother's remedies we find the use of chalk: you have to locate the point of entry of the ants and draw a line with chalk that will form a natural barrier.

For sprays, it is possible to use lemon, 90 ° alcohol, black soap or even washing up liquid. All this works pretty well but occasionally and will therefore require you to repeat the operation over and over again, which over time can become painful and restrictive.

Finally, there are sticky products like glue or petroleum jelly, but with other drawbacks such as spreading this material elsewhere in the home by making it dirty.

Ultimately, nothing is better than just one use of a powerful chemical so you never hear from these tiny beasts again.