What are the main advantages of using a project manager?

If you intend to build or renovate your single-family home, hiring the services of a project manager will make your project a success. Indeed, it can be adapted to your needs and especially your budget. But what are the main advantages of hiring a project manager?

Tailor-made support for your project

The project manager is a professional who offers his services to define and ensure the proper functioning of the work, namely site management. In other words, it will offer you personalized follow-up for each stage of the work.

In its tailor-made support, it is up to the project manager to manage the schedule of each worker or craftsman who will intervene on the site. It is also in its remit to secure the work, notify neighbors and obtain the necessary administrative authorizations. Where applicable, it is subject to a legal obligation of after-sales service in relation to the end of the work.

So, for the construction of your individual house, do not hesitate to call on a qualified company like Beral who is a master of work lower rhine.

The other advantages of using a project manager

Using a project manager also allows you to take advantage of their expertise in developing the plan of your home according to your requirements. Unlike the plan proposed by the promoters which are much more expensive and above all less original.

It is important to know that the project manager has a well-stocked address book and that he is already used to working with many craftsmen from the Bas-Rhin. So he can get you great prices for the materials or labor needed to build your dream home.

With regard to the regulations, several obligations weigh on the project manager to protect you against defects. Among these restrictions, he has the ten-year warranty obligation for the work delivered to the owner who owns the house.

As for the price of the service of a project manager, it will be proportional to the total cost of the site, that is to say the larger your construction project, the higher the price of its service will be.

To conclude, the project manager must inform you of the various risks involved in carrying out the work, under penalty of incurring personal liability.