What are the formalities for visiting Canada?

If you have decided to go to visit the beautiful province of our Quebec cousins ??or to go to English-speaking Canada, you must now take certain steps even as a simple tourist. This is a kind of visa called Electronic Travel Authorization which also applies to all travelers from France, Belgium or Switzerland, whereas this was not the case until March 15, 2016.

How can we get the famous “AVE”?

To prepare for your trip with destination Canada, the first instinct is to check the validity of your passport. This travel authorization is electronic as it can be obtained over the internet. You must therefore also have a credit card or a prepaid card as well as a valid email address where you will receive your travel authorization. Simply complete the online form by logging into the official Canadian government website and paying the requested fees.
The personal information requested is identical to that which was previously requested when disembarking on Canadian territory. The approval of the file by the electronic service takes place in just a few minutes and at the latest a few hours after you get your eTA. This is valid for five years. The request is individual and if you are going with your family each member of the trip must apply for their own eTA. Many sites offer to perform the ETA efficiently and quickly.
It is also very important to know that if you are not going to visit Canada but are simply going to make an air stopover, you will still need this Electronic Travel Authorization.

Why did Canada choose the eTA?

The eTA is a means of prior checking of people who will officially present themselves to the Canada. Ultimately, it is a carding technique that helps ensure the safety of Canadian citizens and protect their immigration system. Under the guise of a simple quick formality, it is in fact a method of deterrence that has proven its effectiveness. Anyone who does not have this eTA will be refused entry into Canadian territory at the airport or at a border post. Thus all individuals who do not meet the security criteria imposed by Canada will not be able to get there, even for a simple transit. These unwanted people on Canadian soil are those who:
- present risks to the safety of every citizen and / or the country,
- provided some inaccurate data when applying for eTA
- did not comply with the laws governingentry into Canada,
- are linked to another person who is inadmissible to Canada.
This entry form makes it easier for travelers to arrive in Canada, but is not an absolute guarantee.This is a necessary condition, but not necessarily sufficient, since a customs officer can always refuse an individual's access to national soil at the last moment.This may be the case in particular if a person lied while completing the eTA application form, obtained it and a verification is carried out a posteriori by the Canadian authorities who realize that the information provided is incorrect. .The person will take the plane without problem with his eTA but will certainly have an unpleasant surprise on arrival, risking the risk of having to take his return plane directly.