What are the different types of advertising inflatables that can be installed at a point of sale?

To sell its products well, a company must use certain means to be able to attract prospects and customers. The most used tool these days is the advertising inflatable.

The latter is remarkably efficient. Original, it sets you apart from the competition. For those who have never heard of it, this is an inflatable new marketing tool. Very practical, it is perfect for boosting and invigorating your ad for an open door or a trade show. However, it can come in different forms. You are presented with the various inflatable advertising possibilities available to you to optimize your sales and attract more customers.

The sky dancer

Also called airdancer or advertising windsock in French, this inflatable model is a self-ventilating structure made up of a simple inflated tube. Designed in nylon fabric or parachute canvas, it often takes the shape of a man with arms and a smiling head. The sky dancer dances under the effect of the air passing through it, hence its name of "dancing man". The advertising windsock with fan allows customers to notice your presence on the premises. You can customize it in your company colors. Sure https://www.sky-dancer.fr, you can have skydancers from 3 to 10m, skydancers 2 arms 2 legs 1 head, etc. It all depends on your needs.

The inflatable advertising totem

Can be used indoors and outdoors, the inflatable advertising totem is the ally of entrepreneurs. Perfect for a visual message, this inflatable ad locates your visitors to your business location. Also called an inflatable column, this store signage constitutes an element of promotion and communication visible from afar and offering a large printable surface readable around its entire circumference. You can also install it in your store so that it identifies specific products or departments. The inflatable air column is very light with easy transport and quick installation.

The illuminating balloon

The lighting balloon is a high performance lighting system that is integrated into an inflatable balloon with fans or helium depending on the size of the device. This luminescent ball is suitable for events that take place at any time, even at night. Due to its efficiency and its lighting quality which far exceeds that of a conventional light projector, it can be intended for outdoor as well as indoor use. This is the best store signage to be seen day and night. Warning?! Do not confuse it especially with the luminous. They are two different devices.

The helium advertising balloon

This is the star of the salons and trade exhibitions. It is suitable for conveying a message or an advertising slogan. Thanks to this structure, your customers and prospects will easily identify your stand, even from afar. The minimum volume of helium for this type of inflatable is around 3 m³. Used both indoors and outdoors, in an exhibition hall during a trade show or on the roof of a shopping center, the helium advertising balloon has the advantage of being easily and quickly installed and of being cheap.