Vocal SMS, why use it internationally?

voice sms

We are spending more time on our mobile phones and big brands have understood the value of running marketing campaigns using this channel. Unlike a newsletter which often requires you to connect to your computer and which tends to be deleted by the recipient with a click of the mouse, the SMS touches the latter much more directly. For some time now, the notable innovation in advertising messages has been voice SMS, which is used both in France and abroad. How does this system work and what is the point of using it internationally?

The innovation of voice SMS

When you receive a message on your mobile, you immediately feel concerned and the desire is much stronger to look at who wrote to you. Faced with this finding, companies specializing in the creation of APIs (Programming Interface Application) have developed systems for sending voice sms.

The service provider will therefore allow his customer to create an API offering him the benefit of a mass sending module for personalized voice messages. As with text messages, it is then possible to generate a unique sender number dedicated to the sending campaign set up.

But the major advantage of voice SMS is to deliver an audio message to the recipient with a human voice and not synthesized. Each message can therefore be endlessly personalized, which makes it possible to reach the customer even more, when in reality it is technically possible to send tens of thousands of messages at the same time.

This is the strength of voice SMS: the sending of a very large number of a totally unique audio message!

What if we went international?

Voice SMS knows no borders. You can therefore schedule mailing campaigns in France as well as abroad and this is a considerable advantage for companies developing internationally. The chosen sender number will certainly be French, but it is possible to include as many foreign numbers as desired in the mailing list.

This is therefore perfect for an audio message emitted in French but sent to French-speaking clients living abroad. This may in particular be the case with a company seeking to locate in the province of Quebec in Canada, for example.

The voice SMS system also allows you to create country-specific mailing lists and above all to record a message in the desired language. The business enterprise will therefore no longer have any barriers to reaching customers all over the world.

The campaign creator doesn't even have to have a complete command of the recipient's language since they can ask a voice professional to record the message.

Everything can be possible: recording the voice to a musical background, no limit in the length of the message unlike a text SMS message, and programming the sending time.

The SMS voice does not care about time differences since it is allowed to schedule the sending of messages and therefore to adapt to the time zone of the recipient.