Advice to start the electronic cigarette

Are you a compulsive smoker who takes more than one pack of cigarettes per day? Here is an article that offers you some tips to help you start e-cigarettes modestly, as it should be.

Know what an electronic cigarette is

The electronic cigarette is, as the name suggests, a cigarette that contains electronic components. But that doesn't mean that there is no tobacco or that there is no combustion going on when you pull on the drip tip, the part glued to the lips. In fact, the e-cigarette is a vaporizer that may or may not release the nicotine contained in the e-liquid. Most of the time, the latter consists of five main ingredients:

  • propylene glycol as a base for the vapor which will carry in its fine droplets the nicotine and the aromas
  • vegetable glycerin to add consistency to the vapor while helping propylene glycol to transport nicotine and aromas
  • fragrances, especially those used in the food industry, to provide the desired taste (tobacco, fruit, grass, etc.)
  • water to increase comfort when vaping
  • alcohol to dilute the mixture

Prefer product quality

When you first buy an e-cigarette, don't expect to get the deep tobacco taste that comes with a regular cigarette. However, you can expect to have a similar experience, if not more. In fact, the reason is in terms of the material, the approach taken in vaping and the time you spend vaping.

Indeed, the material is important, especially if you are new to vaping. Either you are for and convinced in a few minutes, or you are against and feel disgust. Therefore, one should not buy just anything, but rather choose an electronic cigarette with reviews to be sure of the quality as well as the effect.

Also, do not buy an e-cigarette whose e-liquid cannot be replaced as you wish. What is important in an electronic cigarette is this liquid so that you can vary tastes and try other pleasures. Thus, you will have more chances of finding the one that suits you the most.

Diversify your e-liquids

The electronic cigarette only really gives pleasure by diversifying the aromas.E-liquid varies depending on the manufacturer since everyone has their own recipe.Many brands stand out with their products and you might be surprised by their preparation.Some are ex-smoker companies who have found the secret to bringing originality to the tastes of their e-liquids.Vaping then becomes a pleasant pleasure which, in the long term, will make you turn your back on classic cigarettes.However, this process can take time.

Visit blogs and forums

the electronic cigarette is a whole new gadget for most people, especially novices, and it can sometimes present complicated functions or even options depending on the model. In this sense, it is generally recommended to seek advice from insiders. And to do this, nothing better than forums or blogs where you can discuss, exchange and inform yourself with other vapers.