Tips for giving your home a modern and elegant look

modern look elegant kitchen

If you have already decided to renew the image of your kitchen and want to opt for a space with a modern and contemporary aesthetic, forget the classics in white, brown or gray and let yourself be carried away by the finishes in bright and daring tones which will undoubtedly give originality and character to your kitchen. Blues, greens, oranges, reds… are all the rage again for 2021. And you can introduce them naturally in two ways: on walls or in furniture.

Here are some decorative kitchen projects that you can consider to get your ideal design. Either of the two options you choose will bring a lot of life and modernity to your kitchen and become the center of attention.

Blue on the walls

Blue is one of the most used colors in interior design: the most intense tones convey feelings of freshness and pastel or muted tones are ideal for recreating serene atmospheres.

Do you dare to use turquoise in your kitchen? In this case, a turquoise blue tone is to be chosen for the painting of the walls. The combination of wenge wood furniture and stainless steel appliances achieves a modern aesthetic, but at the same time warm and cozy.

Flashy colors

Orange is trendy! If you are a die-hard fan of orange tones, the ideal is to have a modern kitchen with shiny orange lacquered furniture that breaks with the monotony of dull and boring tones to be filled with optimism and vitality.

Lime green. This color gives you certain advantages that others do not, like activating your brain capacities and filling you with optimism. Decorating the kitchen with this color is one way to take advantage of one of the most vivid shades of green. Combining it with white and black details is a great option.

If you have opted for the purchase of a contemporary house Quebec, feel free to take up the challenge by decorating your kitchen with the color that suits you best.

Red kitchen worktop

Did you know that the color red not only promotes our attention to detail, but also stimulates our appetite? Reason enough to be considered one of the best colors for decorating kitchens. A red kitchen plan will give a lot of energy to the space and opting for this color has another great motivation: it will invite activity and creativity.

Red colors have an infinite number of shades. In a small kitchen, you can choose a burgundy red. To reduce its intensity, it is advisable to put white furniture and walls that give it freshness and cleanliness. Without a doubt, the best option!

Some expert decorating tips

According to experts, a red kitchen countertop will already stand out from the rest of the kitchen, but you can make it stand out even more if you go for a gloss finish surface. 

If you intend to create a small dining area in the kitchen, some experts recommend that you add pops of color in red as well. However, they advise you not to overdo red in the rest of the room so as not to overload it excessively.

Wallpaper in the kitchen?

Yes of course ! They bring exclusivity and astonishing decoration. To complement the decor of your newly remodeled kitchen, it is a great alternative to cover the walls, as it has become a decorative trend. There are more and more combinations of colors and patterns that will allow you to achieve the decorative touch and modernity that you are looking for.

The best option is heavy vinyl wallpaper, but if you've fallen for a non-vinyl wallpaper pattern, you can use that as well. In the latter case, you will need to apply a layer of transparent mat varnish to it which will not alter the finish and which will make it more washable and resistant.

If you place it in the cooking or washing area, it will be exposed to stains and splashes of grease and may deteriorate. But if you can't resist the idea of ​​placing it in these places, you can protect it by placing a methacrylate sheet transparent.