Tips for transforming your kitchen into a professional kitchen

Do you like spending hours in the kitchen and would like to thrive there like a pro? So why not transform your kitchen into a real professional kitchen? To make pancakes with a professional crepe maker, bake your bread in a convection oven ... Furnishing your kitchen and equipping it with professional equipment is possible! Here are the 3 essential points to transform your kitchen into a professional kitchen and go from dream to reality.

Equip yourself with professional kitchen equipment

With the ongoing health crisis, the culinary art is experiencing a growing success in French homes. What if you took the opportunity to finally indulge your passion and invest in a real professional kitchen? In professional catering, the equipment is of paramount importance. Some of them can easily be integrated into your kitchen. Which ones can make all the difference and give you the benefits of a professional kitchen at home?

Furnish your kitchen with a professional stove

The professional stove will take your kitchen directly into the category of starred chefs. Gas or electric, 4 burners, 5 burners, 6 burners, with or without an oven… There are many combinations. No matter what, they will allow you to have unparalleled mastery over all cooking methods. Add to this that professional equipment is renowned for its robustness, longevity and ease of maintenance: you have the winning team for a professional kitchen made for you!

Invest in a pizza oven to wow your friends

While pizza is an Italian specialty, it is nonetheless a staple of French meals. So why not aim for the art of Neapolitan pizzaiolos, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2017? The secret of our Italian friends lies in the working of the dough, of course, but it is also closely linked to perfect control of the baking. 

Renew your furniture for a professional home kitchen

High cabinet, wall cabinet, heated cabinet, shelf ... These are essential elements in professional kitchen equipment and which you can fully incorporate into your kitchen decoration. In stainless steel or stainless steel, these pieces of furniture are remarkably resistant and maintain themselves with disconcerting simplicity! Designed to make life easier for restaurant workers, they'll help you revamp your kitchen like a pro. Combined with wooden kitchen units for example, they will be the most beautiful effect for a chic and practical industrial style.

Bring a smile to your professional kitchen

Crepe maker, waffle iron, churros or Popcorn machine, sausage warmer or hot dog toaster… Many professional quality appliances are available to spark your culinary skills. In these times of sanitary restrictions, you can turn your kitchen into a fun fair stand! To make quality sweet and savory snacks, opt for professional equipment that always has advantages in terms of performance and resistance.

Professional cooking right down to the utensils!

 In your beautiful, completely refurbished professional kitchen, don't forget the importance of utensils. These must also be up to par: knives, peeler, grater, accessories ... Without neglecting your health either, as in the choice of your pans par exe

Quelles sont les meilleures marques de climatiseur ?

Les marques de climatiseurs disponibles sur le commerce sont tellement nombreuses qu’il n’est pas évident de s’y retrouver. Le choix dépend du budget alloué. Il vaut mieux se tourner vers les fabricants qui proposent des gammes qui s’adaptent à tous les moyens. Retrouvez toutes les meilleures marques de climatiseur ici, à l’exemple de Daikin. Cette marque met 5 différents modèles de système de climatisation à votre disposition, avec chacun leur puissance et leurs caractéristiques. Ils conviennent ainsi à tous les besoins, ainsi qu’à toutes les bourses, sans pour autant lésiner sur la qualité et la performance. Mitsubishi Electric figure aussi parmi les meilleures marques de climatiseur en France. Les appareils proposés par l’enseigne sont de qualité, avec un design épuré et des unités qui s’adaptent à tous les intérieurs. Côté technologie, les deux marques sont au même niveau, notamment en ce qui concerne l’usage de gaz écologiques, l’application de systèmes de filtration de l’air plus efficaces, ainsi qu’un niveau sonore qui garantit le confort au sein de votre maison. En plus, les appareils proposés par ces constructeurs assurent une économie en énergie. Côté tarifs, Daikin est plus avantageux avec des climatiseurs moins onéreux par rapport à son concurrent à finitions et puissances égales._