Tips for getting out of precariousness

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More and more people are now encountering financial difficulties which are temporary or which have placed them in a more lasting precarious situation. Fortunately, there are tips and solutions to get out of certain situations. These are social assistance and certain sometimes unrecognized borrowing possibilities.

Social assistance from CAF

Social services and their employees are the people best able to help populations in very precarious situations, but it is not always easy to dare to entrust your problems to a third person, however benevolent they may be. Fortunately the advice for the precarious are more and more easily found on the internet. This is the case with aid granted by the Family allowance fund (CAF) which contrary to what its name seems to indicate does not reserve the distribution of its funds only to families.

Thus CAF not only pays the RSA (Revenu de Solidarité Active) to unemployed people who do not benefit from unemployment insurance either, but there is also an RSA for single parents. People benefiting from the RSA are also eligible to receive the Christmas bonus paid in December. For other employees, this bonus can be paid by the employer or by the department.

Obviously, CAF also supports families by paying them allowances, the amount of which varies according to their resources. The lower the income, the greater the monthly aid. Parents of children in school can also benefit from the back-to-school allowance. In terms of housing, assistance also exists through the APL which will cover part of your rent

Tips and tricks on a case-by-case basis

For each problem there is a solution. If you encounter financial problems, do not despair because almost all situations can find a solution to get out of precariousness.

Becoming the owner of your home is the surest way to avoid falling into even greater insecurity. If you are not yet so lucky and think you will never be able to buy because you cannot get a loan, think again because there are financing systems reserved for unemployed people such as the PAS, Prêt d'Accession Sociale which allows you to use housing allowances (AP) to pay off your loan.

A little in the same spirit but much less known, the PSLA, rental-accession social loan, allows you to become the owner of social housing when the lessor decides to put it up for sale.The advantages are numerous because it allows you to benefit from a reduced VAT rate, exemption from property tax for 15 years and a reduced selling price with secure access.Indeed, this last point offers the new owner the possibility of taking out resale insurance if he is forced to part with the property in the event of significant financial difficulty.If he resells his property below the purchase value, then the price difference will be paid to him by the insurance company.

This loan is made in two stages: the first consists in renting the property while building up savings which will serve as a contribution for the second stage which consists in the repayment of the loan, which is likely to represent 100% of the purchase price. over a maximum repayment period of 30 years. This loan is granted by a bank and not by a particular organization and almost all French banks are likely to grant it.

Finally, another example of a loan that may be of interest to precarious families is student loans to finance higher education or training. With a very attractive rate, the repayment of loan maturities will be deferred until the end of studies or entry into working life with the signing of an employment contract within a specified period of time.