The touch table, a dynamic solution for restaurants

Digital is now everywhere ... More and more restaurants are equipped with touch tables. A few years ago, touchscreen terminals were installed in fast food stores such as fast food restaurants, but today many traditional establishments have been equipped with digital displays to the delight of customers who see reliability and speed. in the exchanges.

Connected tables for the consumer

Touch screens are directly installed in the table top. The usefulness of this digital furniture is to allow the consumer to view the menu directly on the restaurant touch table, to enter his order without waiting for a server to take care of him, to broadcast information such as waiting time for example or to send orders directly to the kitchen without the intervention of a waiter. In addition, puzzle games are also available to children and even adults. The photos of the dishes are displayed directly on the table and allow customers to preview their content and thus facilitate the choice of dishes. Thanks to these touch tables, waiting time is reduced and the restaurant organization is optimized.
These touch tables are not afraid of water and are very resistant to impacts, scratches and obey only the contact of the user's fingers. They are very designer, very colorful, very playful and offer advantages to both customers and restaurant staff. More and more bars are also equipped with this digital furniture.

Why use a touch table in a restaurant?

They are a supportive aid and thus promote order taking. The customer knows how long he will have to wait and can thus relax using the games available to him on the interactive table. Parents can make their children wait thanks to the various distractions included in the table.
Consumers who had a pleasant and fun time will want to come back to this restaurant and promote it around them. This type of interactive furniture allows the consumer to explain in a fun way, in pictures and at the pace of each one.
It helps convey a quality image of the restaurant or bar brand. In the mind of the customer, new technologies often rhyme with quality of products or services. Improving communication is also important by collecting consumer information such as email address or phone number to notify a change in menu or dish, for example, a promotion or an event.
In addition, one might believe that the touch table in restaurants could replace part of the staff in catering establishments, but this is not the case because this new organization makes it possible to optimize work with better server efficiency and better communication. between the room and the kitchen.
The touch table is a new technology that should develop in all catering establishments in the very near future because it is a fun communication medium for consumers and effective for professionals.