The strengths of Google Mybusiness compared to Facebook Pro

On the one hand there is the most famous search engine in the world:Google and on the other there is the most famous and used social network:Facebook.Therefore, when you start a professional activity on the internet, is it possible to combine these two web giants to obtain benefits?Yes quite.Everyone knows Google , subsequently Google created Google for businesses, its name?Google Mybusiness.While this feature is pretty cool for businesses, the problem is that many of them don't have websites of their own.In contrast, many businesses have a professional Facebook page.Only, until some time ago, it was impossible to merge Google Mybusiness and Facebook Pro.But recently, a new feature has emerged.

Increase your credibility with internet users

If you have a business listing on Google Mybusiness as well as a Facebook Pro page, be aware that you can display your Facebook reviews and ratings on your Google Mybusiness business listing. Wondering what the heck can this be for? Quite simply to increase your credibility with Internet users. In fact, by consulting your Google Mybusiness company profile, they will be able to access your Facebook reviews and ratings at the same time. In this way, Internet users will have confidence in you, which is not negligible, it must be admitted.

To improve your brand image, contact a professional

Since the internet came into being, certain professions have been created which, in fact, allow you to improve your visibility on the internet. SEO professionals in Montreal are perfectly qualified to take care of the promotion of your business or your online store thanks, in particular, to SEO. A lot of people don't really know what SEO is for a website, yet if you want to stand out from the competition online, you're going to have to get creative but you also need to deliver relevant content to your site. . Thus, SEO professionals can help you improve your SEO and even give you some very interesting advice.

As you will understand, when you want to make yourself known to the general public and improve your brand image in order to attract visitors to your site, it is very important to focus on SEO.So start by taking care of your Google Mybusiness company profile, collect numerous Facebook Pro reviews and if you encounter difficulties, call on an SEO professional who will put his know-how and skills into practice to help you increase your visibility. on the Internet.So rather than building your website and waiting for visitors to come by themselves, make sure you attract them intelligently by opting for SEO Montreal.SEO should not be neglected if you want to make yourself known, without it, you are unlikely to stand out from the crowd.