Solid parquet, the ideal solution for your interior

If you want to make a little change in your interior, especially your floors, you can bet on a coating that is simple to install, which does not detract from its charm and elegance. You can therefore turn to the floating parquet which will provide you with great comfort. 

Easy installation

This wooden or wood-based floor covering will harmonize perfectly with the decoration of your home but also with your furniture. Easy and quick to install, you will not encounter no worries during installation. So you can buy a model of laminate flooring, eyes closed. 

To help you in your choice, an online platform at your disposal. In this way, you will obtain all the necessary information and acquire your coating in just a few clicks. This material has the wind in its sails in France, because in addition to its ease of installation using a clip system, it is easy to maintain, and will not ruin you with the purchase. 

Laminate floors do not like humidity

Laminate floors will bring a little freshness to your interior, and you will greatly appreciate its chic and elegance. However, if you live in collective housing, it is better add a good thickness of insulating underlay, in order to benefit from excellent sound insulation. Also avoid installing it in rooms wet, such as the bathroom or in a room where there is a dishwasher or washing machine, because it is not very resistant to humidity. This coating will have its place in rooms with little traffic.

Either way, you will discover various types of wood that make up this product, such as oak, chestnut, beech and acacia. A wide range of colors is at your disposal, then you can opt for a pastel, light or darker color, according to your tastes and your interior. But whatever style you want, you are sure to find the floor that meets your expectations.