The secrets to successful interior design yourself

When you really get down to it, reproducing the beautiful images from home decor magazines is not as easy as you might think. Indeed, it is not easy to prioritize aesthetics to the detriment of the functional and vice versa. Also, the question that nagging in all minds: how to manage to harmonize your interior like a pro? Find in this guide some tips to get there.

Choosing the right decorative objects and accessories

You are a true follower DIY decoration and you are used to making or customizing your decorative objects yourself? Before embarking on DIY or buying decorations, it is essential to carefully study the available space. For small spaces, it is better to invest in objects that bring pep to your interior such as cushions, designer shelves to place plants and small decorative objects, etc. If space allows, add vintage-style mirrors, large vases, etc.

Let in natural light

A design and modern interior always favors natural light. To do this, install bay windows or patio doors. You can also separate the rooms with an interior canopy. However, it's just as important to get the lighting right in your home. For this it is recommended toinstall the lights at the back of the room to highlight its volume as soon as you light up the room.

Favor sober and neutral shades

To arrange your interior and have a successful home decor, it is not always necessary to seek the services of an interior designer or a interior designer. You can enhance your home by choosing the colors you are going to use. To add a touch of originality to your living room, for example, no need to opt for a paint color that is too garish like orange or a wallpaper with floral prints. Choose a neutral and understated shade such as gray or taupe which works very well with Scandinavian or industrial style interiors.

Adopt the minimalist style

All interior designers will tell you, "less is always better". In other words, avoid cluttering your interior with overly large furniture. Also, choose the size of your sofa and armchairs according to the size of your living room.

Playing with materials

Depending on your style, you can base your decoration on a single material or mix them to bring a more contemporary note to your interior. If you're old school, wood turns out to be a great choice. It is a material that makes a room more warm and cozy. For the flooring, choose a modern material such as quoted concrete or tiles.

Incorporate indoor plants

Plants are the perfect accessories to beautify a room. Give preference to cacti and succulents which easily find their place in any interior. If you have a green thumb, don't hesitate to change the decor regularly with seasonal flowers.