The right equipment for safe motorcycle riding

motorcycle gear

Once the license is in your pocket, you have to remember to equip yourself well before getting on a motorcycle. Safety and comfort issues must in particular be taken into account and are also strongly recommended for motorcycle riding. Between the choice of the motorcycle helmet, the outfit and the various motorcycle accessories, here are some tips to remember.

Motorcycle helmet and gloves

motorcycle safeFor his safety, but also for his comfort, the rider must wear certain obligatory equipment such as the approved helmet. A motorcycle helmet must indeed meet criteria of comfort, solidity and reliability and moreover, any biker who does not wear a full face helmet while on a motorcycle risks a fine of nearly € 750 and withdrawal. 3 points on the license. Whether we choose toopt for a full face helmet, a jet helmet or a modular motorcycle helmet, the important thing is that it can protect the head well in the event of a motorcycle accident. The visor should be transparent and allow the rider to have a clear view of the road, while the driving glasses should be chosen with care at the risk of hindering the driver more than anything else.

Wearing motorcycle gloves is also imperative to protect the hands from the risk of abrasions, abrasions and other burns in the event of a bad fall. Bikers who still choose not to use them incur a fine of 68 € and a withdrawal of 1 point on the license. Gloves are one of the most essential motorcycle accessories, along with motorcycle helmets. Note that it is possible to line the helmet with a hood or complete it with a motorcycle mask, but these are not always essential equipment.

Motorcycle pants and suit

Regarding the choice of motorcycle pants, we will choose leather models or motorcycle jeans pants that have been especially designed to reduce the risk of abrasion in the event of a fall or friction on the ground. Leather pants protect better against shocks and cold while providing a good level of comfort for the driver. However, we will choose models that are not heavy to carry and that are very flexible so as not to interfere when driving the motorcycle. To face the cold, especially on long journeys, we will choose to opt for double biker equipment.

Jeans are also recommended, but as there is no reinforcement at the knees, they do not provide 90% protection in the event of an impact. Rain pants are also great in case of rain, but they should be lined with jeans pants for extra comfort. For those who prefer to opt for motorcycle suits, it is important to make sure that the suit is made of leather and has a thermal lining and protections in various strategic places such as the knees, back, hips and elbows.

Finally, to complete the whole thing, we will not forget to wear suitable motorcycle shoes like motorcycle boots, motorcycle jackets, protective vest and shin guards.