Bath salts, minerals with multiple functions

bath salt

Most of the time, we tend to choose our bath salts based on our favorite tastes and scents. However, we must not forget that salts have different virtues that should be exploited! Moreover, it is interesting to note that the bath salts aren't just for use in a bathtub, they're also great for a foot bath, especially after a long day of standing work or if you've walked a lot.

How to choose your bath salts?

Each salt has specific properties, as do the essential oils that are often added to it. You can therefore opt for bath salts that will give you the opportunity to relax in your bath, for example by opting for a salt combined with essential oil of mint. If you suffer from muscle pain, feel free to try it with Epsom sea salt. Blood circulation, meanwhile, will be significantly improved thanks to the salts from the Dead Sea and the Himalayas, the former also helping to fight against water retention.

It is important to carefully look at the composition of your bath salts before buying them, some being in fact cut with less expensive salts but with less virtue. By going through the Internet, you will have access to a wide choice and above all, you will have the opportunity to discover the best bath salts available in the market.

How to use your bath salts without taking a bath?

Not all newer apartments have a bathtub, and for ecological reasons many of us prefer showers over baths. However, that doesn't mean you should deprive yourself of the benefits of bath salts! You can perfectly use them in a basin to soak your feet for a few tens of minutes or even use them as an exfoliant. Essential oils will not lose their virtues if you use your bath salts in the shower, since the heat of the water will allow them to diffuse.

Other possible uses of bath salts

You can use bath salts on your face, mixing them with an oil that also has interesting properties, you just need to leave them on your skin for a few minutes before rinsing and moisturizing properly.

Salt is generally a recognized antibacterial and bath salts are no exception to this rule. Once dissolved in water, you can use them to cleanse your face every night to help fight acne and hormonal pimples.

Finally, do not hesitate to use bath salts for your hands, they will remove dead skin and leave your skin feeling very soft. You can also dissolve them in water and soak your hands in it for a few minutes, the effects are once again very interesting whether on your hands in general but also on your entire body thanks to the essential oils they mostly contain.