The advantages of being a consultant

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In a demanding world where internet tools allow you to be connected 24 hours a day, more and more employees aspire to become their own boss, to free themselves from the constraints of schedules and hierarchy. The consulting profession can be part of the solutions to create your own activity and achieve financial freedom. The advantages of the consulting profession are numerous and can be classified into two categories: those related to personal life and those related to professional life.

The personal advantages of becoming a consultant

If you like the freedom to organize your work time however you want, then consulting is for you. As in the practice of any liberal profession, you will discover the pleasure of having no time constraints, if not those that you will set for yourself. You can decide to go see a good movie in the middle of the afternoon and then work until midnight or more to finalize a case.

The other benefit is having the ability to work from home and just about anywhere. The development of digital has abolished borders and now makes it possible to work remotely. Be a consultant It is therefore improving quality of life because we can limit daily travel as much as possible and enjoy the pleasure of working from home. Meetings with clients are also an opportunity to meet other professionals and not to remain isolated. The job of consultant allows you to relocate and change your life. Many executives today make this lifestyle choice, even opting for a change of country of residence.

This personal freedom is obviously the corollary of professional freedom.

The professional advantages of becoming a consultant

Organizing your working time as best as possible to make the most of your free time, family or friends also means having a choice of missions. The advantage of being a consultant is being able to define who you are going to work with, in what type of business, for what sector of activity, etc.

You also do not run the risk of adopting habits linked to immobility because you will have to constantly adapt to your new working environment, new organizational methods and constantly meeting new people.

If the job of consultant is exercised partly alone in its research and work phase, it is on the contrary a contact job in the phase of prospecting customers, appointments and meetings where the results are exposed as well. obtained at the request of the company.

Being a consultant is also a great opportunity to continuously train on new subjects, to discover different worlds. By choosing this profession you will quickly become an expert in many fields and on subjects that you would not even have imagined to tackle one day.

You also become the indispensable and sometimes life-saving character of the company, which calls on you in emergency or crisis situations that require an outside perspective. Decisions to hire a consultant are usually made at a high level of responsibility within the company. You will therefore easily enter the reactor core and often have the number one contact person in the company or a senior executive as your contact. The status of employee would not necessarily have given you access to this level of responsibility so quickly.

Le degré d’urgence de l’intervention, le niveau d’expertise du consultant, sa totale disponibilité feront aussi que sa rémunération sera en moyenne 35 % supérieure à celle d’un cadre en CDI aux responsabilités simila