The advantages and disadvantages of townhouses


If you are planning to buy a home, you may have considered the possibility of purchasing a townhouse. This type of construction can be very attractive, especially if you are looking for a home with space, security and a little more privacy than an apartment. We show you some of its strengths and weaknesses that are important to consider before making a decision.

More square meters on several floors

While it is true that most townhouses or, as the English call them, “townhouses”, were built with more square meters than apartments, it is also true that they are generally spread over two or more. three floors. This point is important to take into account, because it can be a problem from the point of view of the mobility of its occupants, either for the elderly, or in the event of an accident which would make it difficult to walk or climb. and the descent of the stairs.

This type of house has good dimensions, which gives you more freedom to decorate them to your liking and without limits. In addition, they usually have a terrace or patio.

More security, but less privacy

If you want to buy one of the new townhouses Mascouche in Quebec, it would be interesting to take into account two fundamental aspects: security and privacy. The first is one of its strengths, especially when comparing this type of accommodation to houses with four winds while the privacy of townhouses "leaves something to be desired", due to the proximity of neighbors.

Peace and comfort

Most townhouse promotions are built in areas furthest from the city center or in its metropolitan area. So if you are looking to live in peace and quiet, this is your option. However, we advise you to also value the proximity of basic services that will influence your quality of life, such as public transport, schools, health centers, pharmacies or supermarkets.

On the other hand, it is precisely this suburban situation that we have referred to that guarantees certain amenities such as easy parking near the house or in your own garage. Townhouses are usually located in residential areas where there is more tranquility away from the stress of the city.

Community life

Another advantage of the terraced house, especially if you have young children, is that urbanizations usually have lively neighbor communities who organize a multitude of leisure and sports activities in their facilities.

In addition, the maintenance costs of these facilities for the community are not normally as high as that which would correspond to a building with similar services located in the center of the city. This means that the cost of maintaining your home is lower than paying for it alone.

They are perfect for children or animals thanks to their outdoor spaces. However, there is little privacy due to the proximity of neighbors.

The advantages and disadvantages that can be found in buying a townhouse are many and varied. But in deciding on the purchase of a new townhouse with certain guarantees, it is advisable to refer to a real estate services expert, a real estate agent which will show you what is best for you based on your tastes and needs.