Tape cleaning devices

tape cleaning devices

For effective dust cleaning, belt cleaners are most recommended. What should I know about them?

To get rid of dust and achieve optimal static dust removal, mechanical action is recommended. It may for example be a device capable of performing air blowing, brushing, etc. actions. in addition to that you can add ionization or suction by means of an industrial dust removal device for example. The combination of these different actions then guarantees optimal ionization cleaning.
You will therefore be spoiled for choice, among the various devices that exist.


For efficient dust removal

The systems are highly variable and depend on the applications. Thus, you can for example dust flat surfaces which can be single or double sided. Systems are also being developed to adapt to a wide range of diverse products. When it comes to tape cleaning devices, here are the most popular:
• Blowing devices: they remove dust from the products by uniting the actions of ionizing elements and compressed air. This therefore makes it possible to get rid of dust very effectively.
• Suction devices: their operating principle is the opposite of the previous category. To dust off the products, they combine the effects of the ionizing bar and mechanical action. It could for example be a brush, a squeegee or a blower. The suction part collects the various pollutants.
Apart from all that, what about the principle of operation of these devices?

Belt dust collectors

In factories converting paper and plastic webs or sheets, static electricity is generated. This phenomenon also promotes adhesion of dust to the surface under the effect of this static electricity. This most often results in quality issues when printing the material. This is the reason why belt dust collection systems were designed. Their purpose is to eliminate the static electricity created, but also to clean up dust even under strong acceleration.
For each belt cleaning device that exists, it has a specific use. So, for all the different bandwidths, you will find extractor hoods with or without contact. Their configuration is dependent on a particular use. However, it obeys three main basic principles:
• High / low volume vacuum and contact cleaning
• Medium vacuum / medium volume and cleaning with air support
• High vacuum / high volume and non-contact cleaning with air support
So, for all your cleanings, you absolutely must refer to these different principles. In addition, in most popular non-contact belt cleaning devices, dust is removed with the rapid passage of air. They can therefore only remove particles, included in a certain dimensional range. This is due to the generated boundary layer above the web surface caused by the air flow.