Some tips for building your future home in Saint-Jean-de-Luz

Each year, the Basque coast welcomes around 9,000 new inhabitants.These are made up of active people, retirees and young couples who are attracted by the sweetness of Basque living.Note that the region is considering 30,000 new arrivals in 2025.In addition, one of the most coveted cities is Biarritz.Many foreigners who have taken up residence in this town claim to have succumbed to the beauty of its landscapes, the splendor of its beaches and the richness of its culture.In addition, many are those who choose to build up real estate in Saint-Jean-de-Luz.This city, establishing itself as a holiday destination par excellence, is the land of choice for the French in search of contact with nature, but also an intense cultural life.

Favor the builder of individual house

It is not difficult to find ready-to-build land in Saint Jean de Luz. Offers abound, whether on specialized agency sites or in classified ads. Buyers will have a wide choice of isolated land or in subdivisions.

Once you've found the rare gem, you'll need to think about building it. To do this, try to choose a professional who can meet your expectations. Although finding the right person is not necessarily an obstacle course, make sure you understand the skills as well as the characteristics of the services offered. This is necessary in order to optimize your chances of obtaining accommodation that meets your criteria. If you decide to entrust your project real estate Saint-Jean-de-Luz to a single-family home builder, you will only sign one contract, the CCMI.This is a protective mandate that insures the owner (you) by scrupulously framing the latter's obligations.This contract is legally one of the most secure, as it commits the builder to carry out the work as agreed and to hand over the keys on time.Note that the project management contract and that of the company do not replace it, because they do not present the same assurances.In addition, by seeking the services of a single-family home builder, you benefit from a single point of contact who will take care of the smooth running of the site, although he has the possibility of subcontracting certain parts of the work with others. operators.

Pay attention to the skills of your builder

Before hiring a builder for your Saint-Jean-de-Luz real estate project, take the time to check their skills.Do not hesitate, among other things, to learn about its experience in new techniques for sustainable construction.This is important information because a good builder should be aware of the many advances that have been made in this area over the past few years.Note that these innovative methods are mainly focused on optimizing thermal performance, ventilation and waterproofing as well as building techniques. BBC-effinergie standard and RT2012.