Solar kits to have "nomadic" electricity

solar kit

Often, we think that to invest in solar panels, you have to own a house in order to be able to put them on the roof of it. However, in recent years, kits have been created to meet the demand of nomadic users or for people who travel regularly or change homes several times a year.

Depending on your electricity consumption, you can choose the kit that best suits you, whether with or without storage batteries, with or without connection allowing resale, etc. To make the right choice, it is best to know your daily electricity consumption in order to power thereafter calculate your photovoltaic production online. This will give you the opportunity to choose the model that meets your expectations.

Solar kits for all profiles

Several cases can be considered with regard to solar kits. For example, if you live far from Enedis connection sites, it can be very advantageous to install solar panels near your home, preferably in a sunny area. You will need to take the time to calculate your consumption beforehand because the national electricity grid will not be present to compensate if you do not have enough electricity reserves.

If you are a frequent traveler, you can opt for a nomadic kit, which can be installed on the roof of a motorhome, on the top of a bag or even on the back of a bicycle. In this case, the kits can be taken apart very easily so that you can move it as you wish, always taking care not to damage it naturally.

An easy to install and dismantle kit

Installing solar panels in kit is relatively simple, all the necessary material for the installation is included in the kit so that you can use them quickly. Clear and precise explanations are also provided so that you can do everything on your own. Note that a portable kit will be easier to install as it is designed to be placed in various places, so you will not waste time moving it, since it was created for this purpose.

What other criteria to take into account when choosing your solar kit

It is important to take the time to assess your electricity consumption before choosing your solar panels, because you must not forget that during the winter, the sunshine is less in certain French regions and in the whole country in general in comparison with summer. To avoid many worries, it is best to use a consumption simulator, so, depending on the different electrical devices you have and their power, you will get the power needed for your panels to ensure that everything works correctly.

Also consider the purchase of batteries that can store the electricity produced. This will allow you to benefit from electricity even at night or when the days are less sunny by drawing on your reserves. Note that the investment for batteries with moderate capacity is quite large, although very useful.