Small Business: Should Natural Gas Be Used?

Whether for individuals or small businesses, the use of natural gas is generally intended to supply cooking appliances and to produce hot water. Economical and precise, this energy source can be used in offices, restaurants, shops or guest rooms.

SMEs: why choose natural gas?

Natural gas is an attractive alternative to conventional gas as a source of thermal energy. It is less polluting compared to petroleum and coal, the most widely used fossil fuels. Indeed, the latter are less and less solicited because of global warming and ecological issues. The professionals tend rather towards more "green" energies to reduce their ecological footprint.

It should be noted that the incumbent suppliers have occupied the monopoly of the gas and electricity market. However, since the opening of the market, gas offers for businesses abound and new energy suppliers offering cheaper prices have appeared. In order to sort it out, the best is to rely on a comparator.


The price of natural gas for professionals is, without a doubt, the lowest compared to other sources of energy. Indeed, kWh of natural gas is more affordable than conventional gas. To save more money, consider replacing your outdated electrical equipment. They tend to use a lot of energy and add to your gas bill. Do not neglect their maintenance to achieve significant savings.

Other advantages of natural gas:

  • Devices using this energy source often carry technologies to optimize their consumption.
  • This source of energy is compatible with other renewable energies.
  • Natural gas-compatible appliances are space-saving.


Unlike petroleum and coal, natural gas is more sustainable and produces less CO2. Indeed, this energy source does not contain no fine particles. Significant advantages in terms of the environment. In addition, it complies with the energy transition law. It is a good solution to reduce your energy consumption. In addition, natural gas reserves are abundant. You are not likely to run into supply issues.

SMEs: how to choose the best gas contract?

In view of the abundant supplier market, here are some ways to find the best offer, starting with the prices.

  • If you plan to change your gas supplier, it is advisable to compare the price indexed offered by the new supplier you are interested in and regulated prices. Guaranteed savings!
  • If the gas price is fixed, check that the supplier does not anticipate the cost of gas transport, because it can increase your bill.

Your annual reference consumption or CAR can serve as a basis for you to compete and find the best gas supplier. Also be careful with the terms of payment. They are generally at the end of the contract and in small print.