River holidays

River holidays

More and more families are choosing to spend an original vacation, far from the beaten track and the summer crowds. The choices are multiplying among tourism professionals who have understood that their customers, and more particularly city dwellers, are in search of authenticity. Vacationers want to be more connected with nature. Among the many possibilities that exist today, river tourism is attractive with its many advantages. We explain here why this type of stay is unique.

Peaceful vacations without weariness

Water is a soothing element and the tranquility of rivers or canals is ideal for disconnecting without leaving to the end of the world. Navigation is fairly simple and does not require a boat license.

Everyone can navigate at their own pace depending on the rental period chosen. The course is organized and specialists in the rental of barges and river boats, such as Filovent, explain the tips and everything you need to know to make your navigation go smoothly.

These are holidays that are also suitable with friends, because they allow everyone to spend moments alone or together. Making a stopover every day offers the possibility of having meals on the boat or of choosing to go to a restaurant during a stopover. Each has its own private space and the boats are designed so that you can also isolate yourself outside, on the deck or on the roof terrace.

It is therefore a vacation in the great outdoors and very calm. The pleasure of changing mooring points also avoids the weariness that can sometimes be felt in a hotel or in a traditional house rental.

Cultural holidays in the heart of nature

The other major advantage of inland waterway navigation is that it passes through towns which are of definite cultural interest. It is therefore the ideal way to discover new regions while forgetting the noise and the car. It is also possible to embark bicycles to move around during a stopover.

The landscapes crossed are always magnificent and it is a unique opportunity to discover the specific flora and fauna of rivers or canals. Learning about fishing and even being able to swim if there is no danger are simple pleasures that we appreciate all the more because they do not need to move when staying on a boat. boat. Likewise, if you feel the need to go for a walk, all you have to do is find a mooring and improvise a new stopover.

In terms of safety, all boats meet the rules imposed by the control authorities and French legislation for those that have been manufactured on national territory (a non-slip surface + a handrail + a double 60 cm long balcony from above)

The speed is also limited and some boat models are walk-in, which is also suitable for disabled and presents less danger for families sailing with young children.