Practical guide to a wonderful stay in Moscow

Are you about to go on vacation and you are not sure where to go?This year, why not go for Russia?And when we speak of Russia, we immediately think of its most beautiful city:Moscow.Indeed, Moscow is one of the cities that is attracting more and more tourists today.This is surely due to the riches that this city contains.But like everything, a trip also requires preparation.And you can say that planning a trip is far from an easy task.Between administrative procedures, packing a suitcase and so much more, organizing a trip requires good preparation.Here is our guide to a perfect stay in Moscow.

The best time to go to Moscow

Before going to Moscow, it is important to know some information about the city.In principle, the best time to visit Moscow is the summer period.During this period, the climate is favorable and the parks are illuminated by beautiful flowers.Since most tourists choose to go in summer, it is always advisable to book flights or hotels well in advance.Like any other tourist, you will not be able to come to Moscow without your visa.Therefore, also try to obtain it several weeks before your departure.As for the itinerary, it is better to know beforehand the places not to be missed during your visit.If necessary, you can contact an experienced agency such as Artel Troika. . By contacting this agency, you will be accompanied by a guide who will help you discover the wonderful things in Moscow.

Other essentials

Moscow is surely one of the most beautiful cities to visit as a couple, With friends or family.But let's not forget that in this city nothing is written in English.So, to better understand Cyrillic, it is better to get help from a local guide.In principle, the guides are French-speaking, so they can help you familiarize yourself with this city.He will also be able to accompany you to all the fascinating places to help you discover the capital of Russia.To be guided by an expert agent, all you need to do is fill out the forms and follow the instructions on the agency's web page.Thus, one of the best options to guarantee you a perfect stay is to contact a professional guide offered by the agencies.So you can also make sure that you don't miss any must-see places. Moscow is the homeland of these guides. That said, they know the good spots all over town inside out. Isn't this a better opportunity to spend a memorable stay in a fascinating place?