Where to surf in Brittany?

While in Brittany, you want to continue to indulge your passion: surfing. Whether you are a beginner or have hours of practice behind you, you have the spots you need in the area.

La Torche in Finistère: for all types of surfers

On the Finistère side, it is at La Torche that you will have to go. Surfers in the region are all familiar with this spot, which is considered THE cradle of surfing in Brittany, particularly because the waves allow surfing almost all year round. While this is an ideal place for beginners, the stronger ones will also appreciate spots with a little more consistent waves.

If your passion is new, you can get started by joining a good surf school in Finistère. It will only take a few sessions. If surfing alone doesn't tell you, it will also be an opportunity to allow one or more of your loved ones to learn.

Although the South is more favorable to the practice of this activity, you can also surf in the North of Brittany. In particular, you can surf without going very far from downtown Saint-Malo, on Sillon beach. It is easily accessible, but its small flaw is also there since it quickly gets crowded. Unlike La Torche, however, you cannot surf there all year round, the best time would be in the fall when the tide is rising.

Some spots for the best surfers

Are you a little more seasoned and prefer with people as good as you? Discover the Palue located on the Crozon peninsula. This still quite wild beach offers hollow and powerful waves in winter or in summer. And the fact that the scenery is exceptionally beautiful will not spoil your experience.

If you are on the Morbihan side, Port Rhu and Port Bara are spots where the best surfers can challenge each other. If you are not in this category, avoid the area for your safety or only go there to watch, as the waves you will encounter there will be particularly powerful.

Places for intermediate surfers

Without being a pro, you are also far from a beginner. Still in Morbihan, you should therefore find what you need on Loch beach (in Guidel). The spot offers beautiful waves, up to 2.50m which will be best at low tide.

The Baie des Trépassés is also an excellent place to indulge in surfing if you are in Finistère. Framed by a cliff, the place is breathtaking. It offers easy straight waves, but with a good height (2m50).

La Mauvais Grève is the last spot we will recommend. It is a technical spot that intermediate surfers will appreciate at low tide since it is in beach-break mode. At high tide, it's a whole different story as it turns into a reef-break that only the most seasoned will be able to tame.