Optimal protection with the best free antivirus

Surfing the net poses many risks of virus and malware invasions. Connected devices are therefore constantly exposed to these threats if they are not provided with optimum protection. It should be remembered that only PCs are concerned when it comes to viruses. Smartphones and tablets can also present the same dysfunctions caused by their invasion.

A virus is related to a suite of programs found on various malicious sites. In addition to interfering with the functioning of devices, it clandestinely implements our machines and steals personal data. Unsecured sites are the primary hosts for viruses, but e-mail and software from informal sites also contain viruses. These threats then become very difficult to control if you do not have good protection. Antiviruses are therefore among the essential software for preventing and securing devices.

IT engineers agree that the paid versions are the most effective. Still, there are much better free antiviruses out there. Internet users therefore do not necessarily need to spend money to get the best protection services.

Discover a list of free antivirus 2017

By providing the keywords "Free Antivirus" on search engines, we have access to an infinite list of propositions. In fact, the forums and sites that specialize in downloading free software are full of them. However, care must be taken to only download from a certified site, as this may simultaneously download viruses. To have more guarantees on the origin of antivirus, one can make his choice based on the results of a comparative platform. There are comparators for the best free antivirus which lists the best performing antiviruses.

What generally differentiates one protection software from another is above all its defensive qualities. As software intended to alert the user to the presence of threats. It should be very responsive, multi-functional and compatible with all system applications of its devices. The 2017 antiviruses actually have more modern needs in terms of their compatibility. These software being newer are also intended for up to date and more modern devices. In addition to the operating system, an antivirus is downloaded according to a good match with the actions performed on its machines and mobiles.

The best known then are Mcafee, Avira, Norton, Bitdefender, Avast, Kapersky, MalwareBytes, G-data, AVG and Sophos. However, these ten antiviruses only represent a third of the protection software present on the digital market. And they all exist in Free and paid version. The producers have therefore set up a system to update their products to provide optimum quality of defense.

The advantages of a free antivirus

What is free is often associated with reduced functionality. However, the comparators of best free antivirus have been able to highlight the advantages of these free software. Like their paid version, a free antivirus performs full scans of its devices and easily detects viruses. This basic device security feature is the first advantage. It is on the scale that the difference between a free and paid version is played out. The first is restricted to a general scan while the second is more in-depth and more specific.

Alerts for malicious sites or unwanted software are also reported. A comparator of best free antivirus However, it does list the types of viruses and alerts that each software program performs. Indeed, some are more picky than others when it comes to dexterity in detecting malware. For example, there are software that cannot detect the " Trojan horse "Even in their paid version. As for other antiviruses, they give bad reports, especially concerning" healthy software ".

The comparators then use these criteria to establish the difference between these programs. Producers are thus helping to make their products even more efficient even for the Free versions. (Cf: https://secuweb.fr/meilleur-antivirus )

Protect your pc from information thieves

There are more and more viruses intended to steal information from PCs. The most common carriers of this kind of virus are emails. These malicious programs therefore have well-defined objectives. The information they are trying to steal from his computer is very specific. Hackers and hackers are those who use this kind of program for personal or professional purposes. Very common in the digital marketing system, but illicitly, spies hack the PCs of customers or competitors without their knowledge.

The paid version of some antivirus is equipped with a detector of programs that steal information. However, there is also a category of best free antivirus which has the ability to detect those programs that others classify as healthy, but which are not. They tend to go over the radar of antivirus.

With cybercrime, these malware become a real threat to personal privacy. There are many cases of people being victims of theft of their credit card information. The first advice of insurance companies is usually the same in this kind of situation. The installation of optimal protection on its machines. Free software can then help people preserve their privacy and personal information.