Nap in the garden: which hammock to choose

hammock garden

Hammocks are the perfect addition for outdoors, such as a garden or patio, although there are also models for indoor use. You can relax and cool off in the shade on hot summer days.

They can be taken on vacation to settle in a country house, camping or, for example, in a green place where there is a condo for rent in Mascouche. The ropes are very easy to install and the hammock can be placed anywhere between two trees.

What are the types of hammocks?

You should choose the hammock according to its type. There are different models depending on their structure and function (exterior or interior). These are the most famous models.

- The classic model

These are the most common designs found in gardens, terraces and other outdoor spaces. They can be attached to beams, walls or trees and are usually made of cotton and polyester. They are available in single, double and even family sizes and can be used both outdoors and indoors.

- The model with bars

They are also known as hammocks with dividers and are like an evolution of the traditional model. However, they are characterized by their ends which are kept separate or open by the presence of a wooden rod before being joined at the anchor points. They are usually made of cotton and also come in different sizes.

- The travel model

This is a portable hammock that is typically made from thin, lightweight nylon fabric, polyester, or parachute silk, depending on the manufacturer. The latter are perhaps the most resistant and are distinguished by their great lightness. This makes them very easy to fold up and put in a bag, without taking up too much space.

- The suspended model

A hanging chair hammock is a model designed for small spaces, especially indoors. It only requires a single point of grip to hold them, which is usually the ceiling or even a structure it is mounted on.

It is perfect for those who just want to sit down to read a book, have a drink or just relax for a while. It is available in different sizes and designs and are usually made of cotton, linen or silk.

Considerations to Consider When Buying a Hammock

If you have decided to buy a hammock, you will find a wide variety of models on the market. How to choose the best? We recommend that you pay attention to a number of key factors. These are the most important.

The fabric 

This is one of the most important aspects to consider in a hammock. They can be made of different materials, although cotton is usually the most common. The important thing is that it is very durable, so you have to be sure of the maximum weight it will support.

It is also essential that it is a "breathable" material, as this will keep you from sweating and therefore be more pleasant when you are in it. If you want to transport it from one place to another, we recommend that you look for a lightweight model.


Whether it's a hammock for the beach or a hammock for the pool or garden, you will need to consider its size once it is fully deployed.

Depending on your preferences, choose a single or double model to share the space with another person. And believe it or not, it's just as comfortable to be alone or in company, as long as it has enough capacity.

The hitch system

When it comes to hammocks, the correct support is essential. That’s why you need to make sure that the hitch system is of the best quality.

There are braided knots or wooden ties; both provide a secure suspension and are capable of supporting the weight of one or two people very well.

Remember that in order to relax it is important to feel secure and this will only be possible if the hitch system provides safety.


Another aspect to consider is the Design. Choose a model that allows you to keep your body as horizontal as possible, almost like in a bed; you will be able to rest better.

You will find hammocks that can mimic the shape of tents and others that have an asymmetrical design to maintain a more comfortable position, depending on your tastes and preferences.