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Difficult to make a choice for your new Multi Game Table? We wrote this Special Multi Game Table buying guide to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we have done our best to help you choose the best Multi Game Table!

Our selection of multi-game tables

Multi Game Table Buying Guide

For gaming enthusiasts, there is nothing quite like having a multi-game table. For take advantage of incomparable space savings and organize a game night every now and then, find out how it can be a real compromise. Table football, bowling, basketball, table tennis, billiards, poker, chess game, roulette, drafts, boules, darts? Imagine all these activities (and much more), united in a single material ! Have you decided to set one up at home, in your restaurant-bar or in your bistro? We offer this buying guide to help you prepare your comparison and guide you in your purchase. Of materials choice to the Accessories, without minimizing the side Design, discover the essential criteria to facilitate your quest. And now it's your turn!

Multi-game table: take stock between utilities and advantages!

Table games have been a resounding success for a handful of years and continue to have the wind in their sails, for their functional and above all logistical side. It's hard not to succumb to a multi-game table where you can find a variety of activities, facing a simple pool table or tennis table for example. Have you decided to set one up at home, in your restaurant-bar or in your bistro? Before you embark on an endless hunt for find the best multi-game table, here is an overview to complete what you already know.

What is that ?

Connoisseurs know without a shadow of a doubt that a multi-game table would be the perfect gift for a child or for a large family who enjoys playing together. On the other hand, novices who seek to please their loved ones by leaning for an original present like a game table, a little clarification is in order.

A multi-game table looks like a coffee table if it is intended for children. For adults, this table takes up more height, but younger people can also use it. Simply put, it is made up of interchangeable game boards depending on the activities you want to do. Depending on the game, you can play it with 2 or with several other players. Of course, it comes with all the essential accessories for playing the games in question.

Of card games to the board games, without forgetting the leisure games and the educational games, this is an item that will easily find its place in your game room, no matter how much space you have. If you don't have one at home, this nifty table is ideal for setting up outdoors to serve as a lounging space during reunions or family meals. Also, if you have the habit of inviting relatives or friends over to your home in the evening, you can very well put it on your terrace.

Why buy a multi-game table?

Thinking of buying a multi-game table for the whole family who has been passionate about games for generations? Thinking of giving one to your children, for whom the pleasure of having fun is no longer a secret? Be aware that having a multi-game table has many strengths that you will discover when you buy it and as you use it. But to give you a quick glimpse, just to make your mouth water already, here is a list of benefits you won't be able to do without!

  • A multi-game table will save you space. Whether you live in a studio or in a large house that even has its own game room, the space saving offered by a multi-game table is a must. This is a real asset when you are short of space, but it is also when you do not want to encumber your interior with several game tables at the same time. Exit the foosball table, the air hockey table, the ping table, the Black Jack table? Make way for a beautiful multifunction table that offers the essentials in one piece of furniture and does not take up a lot of space.
  • A multi-game table exists in a foldable model.This advantage is always due to the lack of space and is linked to the first advantage.Not all houses have a dedicated place for group games, so families use their own dining table to play.If you’re one of those people who don’t have a lot of space, you’ll certainly be happy to hear that multi-game tables come in a foldable and compact form factor.Want to go out in the garden to have fun?Just move it without too much difficulty, not forgetting the portable console or the game board you want to play.Once the games are over, you just have to fold it and you're done.
  • A multi-game table may vary depending on your needs. Can't imagine your little ones playing pool, chess or table tennis on a large gaming table? Don't panic, since there are models for children and adults. Indeed, we easily find mini-game models on the market, grouping traditional activities. From mini foosball to mini billiards to other games such as multiplication, puzzle and horse racing games, you can find the one you need.
  • Varied games for all tastes. Indeed, with a multi-game table, all tastes are allowed! You are more board games, while your friends prefer games in the category? Leisure? ? Everyone will be served, and without too many constraints since the trays are easy to assemble and disassemble. The playing surface is perfectly adapted to the basic rules, and it should not be forgotten that the table is supplied with the accessories included. Plus, these are easy to categorize in terms of storage once you're done.
  • A multi-game table is very economical. As the prices of the various gaming tables on the market sometimes seem exorbitant, you might as well opt for a multi-game table. Just to save some money and have all the fun that you are passionate about, it must be said that this is a great alternative!

The different types of multi-game tables

Before choose the best multi-game table for you and your family, it is important to know the different choices available to you. In reality, there are two main types of multi-game tables that you can focus on. To define the model that best meets your needs and that can systematically satisfy you, here are the possible choices.

Tables with reversible board games

These are only composed of two game systemsx which are each on one side of the table. The first side can, for example, have a versatile surface, suitable for any card game (bridge tournaments, poker, Black Jack, etc.). Then, with a quick and simple gesture, you just have to flip the board to play on an area dedicated to table football, basketball or backgammon, for example.

Tables with removable tray sets

These are the revolutionary models since they can include up to 12 different games. The lot is equipped with everything necessary for each amusement:

  • rackets and balls for ping-pong games
  • cues for billiards
  • pawns for the chess game
  • bowling pins for bowling
  • etc.

Also, this transformable table is supplied with other essential accessories such as the instructions or the score book to lead a tournament to the end.

Our criteria for choosing a multi-game table

Are you about to acquire a multi-game table without knowing which parameters to start with? You've come to the right place, since we've provided you with the essential criteria that will make your selection almost child's play.

What are your needs ?

Start with establish your needs. What games will you like to play on Sunday afternoons or during the holidays? What are your favorite and favorite activities? Will you be playing mostly with family or friends? Will it be a game table for your children or also for adults? The multi-game table will be used in a domestic or rather professional setting (as in a restaurant-bar or in a bistro for example)?

These questions will allow you to have a view of your real expectations and to make an exhaustive list before proceeding to the purchase. If you opt for a game table for the whole family, do not hesitate to look for those with adjustable feet. These are a good compromise to put the playing surface at the right height according to the size of the players.

Similarly and if necessary, you can opt for a customizable multi-game table. This is especially the case with gaming tables for people with reduced mobility. Most of the time, manufacturers offer an item with handles for ease of use.

Materials for good quality

As with the purchase of any other product, a good quality wins in your new multi-game table. In this way, you will benefit from a Durability, of a resistance and a Solidity incomparable. To meet this characteristic, focus above all on the choice of materials and finish. You will find different materials on the trade, however, wooden game tables are the most popular. These are the most traditional models, and are usually found in solid wood or natural wood. The finish can then turn to a lacquered or varnished tone. In addition, you will also find plastic game tables which are ideal for children. Finally, the metal multi-game tables also remaining a possible option, in particular in the professional and public environment, to guarantee good solidity.

Budget side and value for money

Before spending on an overpriced item, take stock of your budget. This step will allow you to choose between the different models on the market. Remember that a multi-game table has the essential asset of being economic. No need to think about investing in several game tables when you have the possibility of having a multifunction table where you have everything. So this is a chance to put on your side before setting off in search of the best multi-game table.

Question of design and decoration?

If you have already chosen its location, the questions that revolve around the design and your interior decoration are in order. No question of cluttering up your living room with a multi-game table, unless you have a good surface to furnish and arrange. If not, first think about take the dimensions of the room in which you will install the furniture in question. This will make it easier for you to choose the right size for your future multi-game table. Also, since it is about buying an item intended for fun, bet on a good dose of Colors and of patterns in the table decoration. Nevertheless, although dynamism is essential in the context of games, it is better to opt for nuances and a design that goes with your interior.

The ease of maintenance of your multi-game table is essential

The ease of maintenance of a multi-game table automatically relates to the choice of construction materials. It is clear that plastic is easier to clean, although it is not as strong as one would like. Indeed, a damp cloth is enough to restore its shine, unlike wood which is generally not waterproof. If you opt for this material, you might as well equip yourself with products that will prevent the wood from deteriorating quickly. Also, since it is a termite-prone material, it is best touse anti-parasite products. When it comes to metal such as steel and stainless steel, opt for a low corrosive quality to avoid rusting.

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