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Difficult to make a choice for your new Sliding Gate Motorization? We wrote this Special buying guide Motorization Sliding Gate to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we have done our best to help you choose the best Sliding Gate Motorization!

Our selection of sliding gate motorization

Sliding gate motorization buying guide

Newer than the swing style, the sliding gate is now very popular in homes, regardless of the style. Easy to handle and space saving, it offers all the comfort and security a home needs. User comfort is only complete if you add an engine system. Of course, you will have to choose the best system to be able to use it for a long time and in complete safety. Our comparison guide you to the good advice that will allow you to choose the sliding gate motorization that suits you. While learning more about the benefits, you will consider the right criteria for choosing.

Little reminder on the sliding gate

As the name suggests, the sliding gate is a single leaf gate that opens to one side, left or right. Depending on your choice, it can be up to several meters wide, and it saves you a lot of space thanks to its side opening. You no longer need to worry about disturbing neighbors or looking after your garden every time the sliding gate is opened.

This type of opening is installed on a floor rail system or on a rack in a self-supporting system. In all cases, sliding is quick and very easy. The sliding gate can be made from different materials including wood, PVC, aluminum or steel. Each material has its advantages and its drawbacks. It's up to you to choose the one that suits you according to the style of your home but also taking into account security.

In addition, the sliding gate must be placed on level ground. For more comfort and safety, you can equip your sliding gate with a motorization system.

The sliding gate motorization

The motorization system is usually sold separately from the gate itself. So you can have a sliding gate for some time and decide to equip it with an engine without any problem.

The sliding gate motorization is generally sold as a kit with all the equipment necessary for its installation. This system is advantageous in that it saves you time and energy. No need to get out of the car each time you open or close your gate. Plus, it saves you the hassle of moving around every time a visitor arrives.

Most importantly, it gives you more security. The sliding system electric gate with the choice of the right material and the right installation can already protect you from intruders. This level of security can be increased thanks to the motorized system because your gate will be much more difficult to open by hand, or even impossible. Only your switch or remote can operate it.

In addition, the sliding gate operator brings more design to your home by making it more modern than it already is. Without forgetting the fact that this system can very well be associated with home automation if your home is equipped with it.

The choice of a sliding gate motor

There are many sliding gate motor kits on the market. You must choose the system that is suitable for the weight of your gate. There are models made for massive sliding gates, others for the lighter ones. In principle, this kind of information is indicated on the kit.

You must also choose your motorization system according to the use of the sliding gate. The use may differ from one home to another. It can be two openings per day or more. Either way, you need to choose a resilient system that is able to comply with your usage.

Also remember to check the following accessories when choosing a sliding gate motor: the remote control, the motor, the flashing light and the antenna with a pair of cells.

As for its installation, you can carry out this task yourself if you have some knowledge of gate motorization. Otherwise, it is safer, cheaper and faster to hire a professional to do it. Once the best sliding gate motor model has been chosen, installation should not be a problem.

In summary, to choose the good motorization for your sliding gate, you must check the compatibility of the system chosen with the motor, the weight of the gate to be motorized, the existence of a pedestrian opening for more comfort, the disengageable function of the motor in the event of a breakdown and the electrical supply which must be compatible with the electric motor.

You are now better informed about the sliding gate motorization thanks to our comparison. After a little test, you can choose the system suitable for your exterior opening. Also note that you can equip yourself with other optional accessories to improve the motorization such as the keypad with numeric code or the photocells.

Other criteria to consider

There are other factors to consider when purchasing a sliding gate operator as opposed to choosing a swing gate operator.

How wide is the sliding gate?

This is a very important consideration when choosing the operator for your sliding gate. Each engine is defined according to a maximum door width that he is able to move. This information is normally specified by the manufacturer.

The distance you need to measure is the width of the opening. And even if your sliding gate has some overhanging elements, you don't need to include them in the measurement. Only the travel distance matters.

The operating width of a sliding gate operator is calculated to the nearest meter. So, if you have a 4.5m door opening, you need to round off the figure and choose a sliding gate motor capable of moving a large 5m door.

What is the total weight of your sliding gate?

The weight of your gate is not as important a factor as it would be on a swing gate or any other motorized gate. However, some motorization systems have a specified weight limit. These are generally engines classified for home use (or residential use). Very large sliding doors for commercial buildings or warehouses are extremely heavy and the types of actuators that must be installed there take this into account. The concern is that you will rarely find the maximum weight supported by the motor.

If you are unsure of the weight of your sliding gate, the best thing to do is to check with its manufacturer. The details of the manufacture of your gate must generally be specified when ordering (wood, composite material, aluminum, iron, palisade?). From there, you can determine which is the best drive for your sliding gate.

What is your portal for?

The requirements of an operator for a sliding gate for residential use are much lower than those for a sliding gate for industrial or commercial use.

In this sense, we can classify the operators into 4 groups, which allows you to easily identify the model suitable for your sliding gate.

For residences

Sliding gate motors for residences are subject to fairly high stresses. They must operate several times a day to meet the conditions for family and domestic use. They are designed for sliding gates for standard width aisles.

For offices and collective residential buildings

A property the frequency of vehicle access is high enough per day will need a higher quality powertrain, which is intended for more intensive use. Cycle speeds are generally a bit faster with this type of drive, but it is still designed to operate a sliding gate similar in size and weight to a residential sliding gate. If you share an aisle, have a small office parking lot or live in a small building, this type of drive is perfectly suited.

For industrial buildings

Industrial premises need a wider entrance sliding gate to be able to move larger vehicles through opening and closing cycles. more regular and frequent closings. These sliding gate operators can be suitable for large office car parks and small industrial warehouses.

For commercial buildings

The drives for these types of premises are designed to withstand daily use and very frequent opening and closing cycles. They must also be able to move large, heavy gates. They are perfect for industrial premises requiring frequent and quick access to heavy goods vehicles and to the traffic of small vehicles and cars.

Is the base of the sliding gate sloping or uneven?

If your driveway is sloped from left to right, on uneven ground or even gravel, you already know that the only choice for this is a hanging sliding gate.

It is extremely dangerous to operate a sliding gate up or down due to the large forces that the motor must withstand. If a sliding gate operator should fail, the consequences of the sliding gate being released by the motor are very serious and may cause injury or even death to anyone on the track.

A sliding door requires wheels to be able to move along the guide rail. If the ground is uneven, it is almost impossible to have a stable gate that opens smoothly and safely.

The great advantage with a hanging sliding gate is that it can easily be adapt to the ground surface. It slides over it without touching it, whether there is a slope or irregularities. In addition, no excessive force is applied to the motor.

Therefore, all you need to do is choose a sliding gate operator with operating limits that match the size, usage requirements, and track configuration.

Does wind resistance matter?

Unlike swing gates, it does not matter when choosing an operator, if the gate is either perforated or solid, the wind resistance does not affect the opening and closing. The horizontal movement of the gate is not constrained by wind resistance.

Does your gate have to slide quickly?

Opening speed matters under certain conditions:

  • If your home or office is on a busy main road
  • If there is no safe place to exit while your gate is opening
  • If the sliding gate is for a commercial premises and needs quick and regular access

For each sliding gate operator model, there are a number of specifications and the opening speed is specified therein. In general, the higher the quality of the motor, the faster the speed of the open and close cycle.

What are the essential security measures?

Since every sliding gate operator presents a set of risks and elements that may concern you, the only recommended action that can prevent an accident is to bring in a certified installer. You entrust him with the installation of the engine for your gate or simply use his expertise to carry out a Risk Assessment of your installation and ask for advice. Indeed, it is not safer than having your sliding gate operator installed or examined by an experienced and qualified professional.

How much will automating your sliding gate cost you?

The cost of purchasing a sliding gate motor kit varies according to needs. Inexpensive prices are for engines suitable for normal household properties and residences. The very high prices are those of the extremely durable commercial or industrial engines which are for very demanding uses.

Before investing in a sliding gate operator, it is important to never cut costs by choosing a lower quality motor and inexpensive installation service. Not only is this a false economy, because you are going to have to continually face blackouts, but your warranty will be invalid due to improper installation. It can also pose a real risk to property and people in the event of a breakdown, for which you will have to be held responsible.

Manufacturers define the specifications of what each powertrain is capable of doing. In this sense, choose yours according to these characteristics.

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