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Difficult to make a choice for your new Faac Sliding Gate Motorization? We wrote this special buying guide Motorization Faac Sliding Gate to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we have done our best to help you choose the best Faac Sliding Gate Motorization!

Our selection of faac sliding gate motorization

Faac sliding gate motorization guide

The gate is the first security barrier against intrusions and other dangers from outside. It is also a necessary passage for the occupants of a residence, both entering and exiting. This device must therefore be both inviolable and practical. However, it is difficult to combine these two characteristics on a standard sliding gate. It is essential to use a better Faac sliding gate motor.

Faac is an Italian brand with more than 50 years of experience in the automation of any opening, including sliding gates. It has a multitude of ranges dedicated to this use. Whatever the material of your gate, the guiding system or the size, Faac offers the most suitable and comfortable solutions for these sliding exterior doors.

But before hoping to enjoy the great practicality of gates operated by simply pressing a remote control, you will always need to see comparative advice on all the Faac sliding gate motor ranges. So your new automatic system will be in the right place for optimal use. In this guide, you will be led to discover both the innovative products of the moment, but also the high technology used in the Faac sliding gate motors.

In the domestic range

The C720 and C721 are the engines par excellence in domestic use. They are equipped with the new technology with a reduction principle with movable axes, patented by Faac. Design, robust and aesthetic, these new gate automation devices have interesting advantages and are strongly recommended.

The C720 and C721 engines rely on their patent to produce no noise and vibration when opening the gate. Great comfort is felt in use. Robustness and endurance are also essential with these engines. The very high mechanical efficiency of the device is coupled with an equitable distribution of the forces. The pushing force is also such that the speed can reach 24m / min with these motors.

Note that the C720 and C721 are adjustable for partial opening within a range of 0 to 98% of the gate. When fully closed, they unveil their new anti-crushing system and secure locking. In the event of an obstacle, the motors quickly reverse the direction of travel for optimum safety. 

The C720 and C721 can be included in a kit. They are intended particularly for residences and small tertiary sectors. Thus, the weight of the gate must be less than 800 kg. The C720 is even limited to a sliding sash weighing 400 kg. The system requires 230 V power, but a solar power option is also possible. Also, a backup battery can also operate the mechanism. Otherwise, in the absence of any source of electrical power, the Faac C720 and C721 have a key-operated release lever for quick manual operation. The kit includes all the miscellaneous non-mechanical accessories such as the flashing light or the photocells.

This range of sliding gate motor from Faac is a benchmark for residences and small service industries. It justifies performances which meet all the needs of the moment. In addition, the engines are CE certified. Eco-friendly, they are also low consumers of electricity. Easy to install, the C720 and C721 are also very compact and resistant models. They are fitted with a protective cover for the drive pinion. At work, they barely notice each other behind the gate.

In the industrial range

If you are looking for a motor for a sliding gate for industrial use, you should focus on the maximum weight supported by the automation system. Thus, the Faac 740 and 741 range meets precisely this first criterion. Indeed, they have a thrust largely sufficient to operate a 900 kg gate. The Faac 741 E Z16 edition claims this success, while the 740 E Z16 230V and 24 V can only be used on gates weighing less than 500 kg.

The weight of the gate is very important in the characteristics of a motor for industrial use. However, the different resistances and capacities of the system should not be neglected. 740 and 741, for example, justify permanent use at temperatures down to -40 ° C. They are also resistant to high heat and high humidity thanks to their ² double hood.

The 740 and 741 also have the strengths of their colleagues the C720 and C721, namely movement reversal in the presence of obstacles, a self-locking automation or even manual operation in the event of a power failure. This range differs only in terms of its intelligent system for even more features and programming, such as partial opening. Also, it also acquires a capacity to reduce the speed of the gate when it reaches the end of its travel, a responsible and protective aspect of these Faac motors. The two ranges of industrial gate motors are available as a set, the DELTA KIT, or sold separately.

You are now informed of the main engine versions of the Faac brand. You will immediately know which device will suit you according to the characteristics of your portal without even doing a test and depending on the destination environment. The main thing will always be not to exceed the maximum weight supported by the motors, but also to ensure that the devices are supplied with ample current.

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