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Difficult to make a choice for your new Anti Mite Duvet? We wrote this Special purchase guide Anti Mite Duvet to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, nous avons fait le maximum pour vous aider à choisir la meilleure Couette Anti Acarien !

Our selection of anti mite duvet

Anti mite duvet buying guide

In summer as in winter, a warm duvet is essential to guarantee a restful sleep. However, more than one person is allergic to this type of blanket. Natural or synthetic, light or intermediate, there are many variations on the market. This is why choosing it well is essential. As such, we give you some advice.

The advantages of the anti dust mite duvet

Each type of duvet has its own strengths and flaws.As for the anti mite duvet, we strongly recommend it for people with sensitive skin.On the one hand, most models are of non-natural origin with anti-hypoallergenic treatment.These products are the cheapest on the market.On the other hand, there are natural materials, also known to be hypoallergenic, such as wool for example.If the price is unanimous among users of synthetic duvets, optimal comfort is undeniable for natural duvets.However, it is not uncommon to find a synthetic duvet sleeper at 80 euros, providing incredible comfort, almost comparable to the soft line of a duvet printed in natural fiber.Of course, the lifespan of this one (3 or 4 years on average) will be reduced compared to that of the last one (10 years).Make your selection taking into account these advantages, without forgetting the importance of your budget.

The different characteristics of the duvet

Pillow, footboard, box spring mattress and dodo duvet cover are an integral part of our well-being. It is therefore natural to want to find a good duvet for your child or for your senior mother. However, several criteria will determine your choice of bed linen.

Quilt size

Il est évident qu’une couette naturelle enfant ne convienne pas à couvrir le canapé convertible de jeunes mariés. A ce titre, il est aussi proscrit d’acheter un drap trop grand pour son bébé. Bref, pensez aux dimensions du lit lorsque vous dégainez votre carte bancaire. Pour un lit simple, songez à une couette 140x200cm ou 200×200 maximum (si vous gigotez beaucoup en dormant). Idem pour les lits 140×220 cm et 220×240 cm. La couverture doit avoir une surface supérieure au matelas.

Which duvet warmth to choose?

The heat parameter is important if you want to sleep very well.Parents are indeed recommended to choose their child's down duvet, not only by the size of the mattress, but also by the temperature of the future complete bedroom.In any case, for a room which has a tile for flooring and where the temperature does not exceed 18 ° C, a very warm light duvet is necessary.If, on the other hand, your adult bedroom is hot at 22 ° C or more, go through the light duvets.Between the two, you can always choose a tempered duvet.To distinguish them, manufacturers have established indices represented by numbers ranging from 1 to 6.Choosing well will save you from buying a new bamboo duvet all year round.

A question of grammage

Généralement, le grammage d’une couette luxe oscille entre 180 et 500 gr/m2. Pour les mêmes performances, il est capital de signaler que la couette naturelle est plus légère qu’une couette synthétique. Par conséquent, en été, préférez une couverture synthétique de 225 gr/m2 en moyenne ou un catogan en fibre naturelle de 180 à 270 g/m2.

The envelope

The quality of it is essential to have a good sleep. It must be fairly tight and retain the down feathers so as to ensure optimal heating. The weave of a natural bed linen is between 120 and 150 threads cm2 while that of synthetic fibers is around 90 threads / cm2. Make sure you choose the right mattress and don't forget to use an anti-mite material.


If the filling is often mentioned in online bed linen sales sites, the stitching which allows it to be fixed should not be omitted. For anti-mite organic wool, we offer check stitching while we suggest quilting stitching for synthetic quilts. These proposals ensure a better distribution of the filling on the surface to be covered.

The filling of the anti dust mite duvet

Depending on the filling, there are two kinds of duvets: natural duvets on one side and synthetic duvets on the other.
In the category of natural duvet, wool flakes and bamboo are recommended for their anti-bacterial characteristics. The former helps control humidity and temperature, while the latter is effective in absorbing odors and preventing perspiration.
Then, the synthetic duvets. The filling fibers (Cyclafill or hollofil) are made of cellulose or polyester (or polycotton). Some manufacturers choose to embed silicone into the material in order to distribute the heat as efficiently as possible, resulting in the appearance of a down duvet. It is still advisable to opt for models with tile stitching in order to release excess heat.

How to maintain your anti dust mite duvet?

Le minimum à faire lorsqu’on possède une couette est de le secouer de manière régulière. Effectivement, il ne suffit pas d’en acheter pour profiter de ses bienfaits. Autrement, la poussière risque de provoquer des allergies, et ce, bien que le produit ait fait l’objet d’un traitement anti acariens ou anti bactérien. Aussi, il va vous falloir acheter une housse de canapé aux mensurations adéquates. Le lavage en machine, lui, devra se réaliser tous les semestres pour les matières naturelles. Si vous disposez d’une couverture garnie polycoton, vous devrez le faire plus fréquemment à savoir tous les bimestres. Une fois rincée, veuillez à bien sécher la couette. Cette étape est primordiale puisque si vous sous-estimez l’humidité, des moisissures en ressortiront, cautionnant des effets négatifs sur la santé de votre famille. Aussi, il vous faudra suivre les indications de lavage relatives à chaque produit. Si le lavage en machine ne pose pas problème à la couverture synthétique blanc neuf, elle reste proscrite pour les couettes faites de coton bio, de mohair ou de percale de coton. En cas de doute, ne vous privez pas des services de professionnels en pressing et nettoyage à sec.

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