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Difficult to make a choice for your new Acova Radiator? We wrote this Acova Radiator special buying guide to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we did our best to help you choose the best Acova Radiator!

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Acova radiator buying guide

A heater is a tool that keeps you warm in the winter. In a way, it guarantees your daily comfort. There are so many radiator models out there that it can seem difficult to make the right choice. To help you in your purchase, discover all the essential points to remember in our comparison. Discover the opinions of other users who have already tested the best radiator.

Choosing the best radiator: start by understanding a home's heating system

For a radiator to optimally heat your home, it is imperative that it meets certain criteria. But first of all, you have to know all the types of heating that exist on the market today in order to better make the comparison.

Thus, there are electric convectors which are the most basic type of heating for a dwelling. They have the advantage of diffusing heat quickly and being cheaper on the market. On the other hand, they tend to dry out the air, which is not always comfortable, especially for people with allergies to dust. Indeed, it can cause repetitive headaches. In addition, electric convectors are not also very economical.

Otherwise, there are also the radiant panels which provide natural heat. They use the straight line radiation system. It is a technology that offers better everyday comfort. The advantages of radiant panels are the gentle heat and the good price / quality ratio. But they are not really suitable for older housing.

And finally, there are electric heaters which are economical in addition to diffusing gentle heat, healthy air and optimal comfort. They use inertia to heat every room in the house. We can also find fluid inertia radiators and heat transfer fluid radiators, which allow better heat distribution. In addition to comfort, these models also avoid temperature variations in your home.

What are the criteria to take into account to choose the best radiator?

To choose the best radiator suitable for your home, you must take into account various parameters: capacity of the radiators, type of radiator and choice of radiator.

The capacity of the radiators

First of all, you have to match the capacity of your radiator with the surface of the room you want to heat. You have to try to calculate the necessary capacity of the device to comfortably heat a room. To do this, you need to know the volume of each room in your house (L x W x H). The result obtained will correspond to the volume of the room and will be denoted in m3.

There is a rule that has already been established by experts regarding the right temperature for each room. Remember that for each increase in temperature of about 2 ° C, it is useful to increase the capacity of your radiator by 10 %. For example, in a living room, the ideal temperature is 22 ° C, which corresponds to a radiator with a power of 85W / m3. In the bedroom, you need 18 ° C, so 70 W / m3. So, the formula for your comparison is: number of m3 of all parts x number of Watts per m² = heat capacity of the radiator to be purchased.

Types of radiators

There are also several types of radiators that stand out both for their performance, but also for their design. These include panel radiators and decorative radiators.

Panel radiators can be radiators with or without casing. Models without a cabinet provide the best performance as they emit more heat. On the other hand, models with cabinet have side panels and decorative grille. They display a much more attractive aesthetic with rounded corners. However, they are more expensive. To recognize panel radiators, we must remember the characteristics corresponding to the height, width and type of radiator (indicated by the number of finned sheets and panels).

Decorative radiators are, as the name suggests, radiators that add value to your interior design. There are round, vertical, horizontal, curved, or even domed shapes. In addition, you can equip them with several other accessories such as hooks, towel rails or a mirror.

The choice of radiator

To choose the best radiator, you therefore have the aesthetic criteria, but you have to add ease of maintenance and the type of design material (cast iron, sheet steel, aluminum). Always choose the model that offers the best quality / price ratio.

According to the user test, the Acova radiator is among the most popular because it is efficient, powerful, stylish and modern, easy to maintain but above all durable.

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