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Difficult to choose your new Shape Memory Pillow? We wrote this special memory foam pillow buying guide to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we did our best to help you choose the best Memory Foam Pillow!

Our selection of memory foam pillow

Shape memory pillow buying guide

Buying Guide: Why Invest in a Memory Pillow

The quality of sleep depends on many factors.Stress, medication, diet:all of which have a direct influence on the brain.Falling asleep can also be influenced by the quality of your bedding, especially the pillow.Some people go so far as to suffer from unwanted snoring and bother other sleepers.To remedy this, there is a solution:the memory foam pillow.Also called "ergonomic pillow", it perfectly matches all body types, both at the neck and head of the sleeper.It is therefore unnecessary to specify how much this model of pillow offers optimal comfort to significantly improve the quality of sleep.For a restful sleep worthy of the name, you have the choice between various forms of comfort cushion.The square or rectangular shape is said to be classic.As such, we find pairs of pillows made from memory foam or natural latex.Another type of relaxation cushions is also available.This is the neck pillow in the shape of a wave.This is characterized by the difference in level of the thickness of the cushion in order to fill the hollow of the neck.This is the recommended model for good cervical support.It is also recommended for people who regularly get migraines when they wake up.The wave ear is also popular with people prone to back pain and neck pain.The choice will ultimately be based on the habits of each sleeper.

What are the benefits of sleeping with an ergonomic pillow

For many reasons, we recommend the ergonomic pillow rather than the classic pillow. Firstly, it is suitable for everyone, especially the elderly with shoulder pain or back or neck pain. It is also called an anatomical pillow knowing that it has multiple qualities. It helps to maintain a natural alignment of the spine and the head. As it is ergonomic, it adapts to the shape of the sleeper's head and supports the cervical area. By doing so, the pillow relaxes the muscles of the shoulders and neck, and relieves stiffness in the back and muscles.

What are the criteria to consider when buying the pillow

To choose the right pillow, we will therefore favor the shape memory one. However, one especially takes into account one's own body type and the positions one adopts during sleep before purchasing the appropriate model.

First, we choose according to the position we adopt when we take a seat. This will allow you to quickly find sleep and sleep better. Indeed, sleeping on your stomach, on your back or on your side are different. The comfort pillow needs will therefore be different. In any case, the ideal cushion should be able to keep the head, neck and spine always aligned.

Second, the ear will provide a certain level of support depending on the amount of support. However, support is obtained depending on the position of the sleeper. We will opt for a shape with rounded sides and a hollow center. These are the ergonomic models.

Third, the height of the comfort cushion is also important. This parameter will be determined according to the position adopted while sleeping. Finally, regarding weight, you should know that the heavier the pillow, the firmer it will be.

What degree of pillow support to choose

Firm, medium or flexible: you will also have to choose your pillow according to the desired support. The memory foam pillow is made from thermosensitive viscoelastic foam. This means that the foam reacts under body heat. This is the reason why it follows the morphology of its user. The cushion keeps the cervical trace of the sleeper, regardless of the position that the latter adopts. So we say goodbye to back pain.
Regarding more specifically support, you should know that this factor is decisive as the choice of a relaxation pillow is a personal choice. Soft or supple comfort offers less support. On the other hand, the cushion is much more cozy. It is recommended for people who lie on their stomachs. The medium level is even more flexible. It is recommended for those who sleep on their back or on their side. Finally, in terms of firm support, this is also ideal for anyone who prefers to sleep on their back or side.

You shouldn't confuse ear thickness with firmness. The firmness comes from the filling. A sufficiently dense mouse pillow will be firm. In addition, latex offers better flexibility compared to memory foam. Goose-down pillows are soft when new, but firm up over time.

Which model of ergonomic pillow to buy and at what price

Size, shape and thickness play a big part in choosing a pillow.

The choice of shape and size

The square shaped cushions measuring 65x65cm or 60x60cm are the most sold. Their price fluctuates between 16 and 36 euros. They are also appreciated for the cervical. But the ideal is the rectangular pillow available in 50X70 cm and 40 × 60 cm. This is the right tool for keeping your shoulders on the box spring mattress. You can also find a complete bedding set with anti dust mite pillowcase, mattress protector and washable hypoallergenic sheet.

The importance of thickness

Regarding the thickness of the pillow, it will be taken into account depending on the body of the user, so that it is adaptable in all positions.
Sleepers with narrow shoulders will prefer thinner pillows that are 8-9 cm thick. If they have broad shoulders, it is better to opt for a thickness of 12 to 13 cm.

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