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Difficult to make a choice for your new Faac Motor? We wrote this Faac engine special buying guide to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we have done our best to help you choose the best Faac Motor!

Our selection of faac engine

Faac engine buying guide

Have you decided to equip your gate with a Faac motor in order to ensure the automatic opening and closing of the latter? Durable and reliable, best motors that will equip your gate, window and roller shutter will save you time and comfort. However, several factors must be taken into consideration in order to ensure the proper functioning of the engine.

Which diet to choose?

To find the better Faac engine at the time of Comparative, you must first of all be interested in the power of this one. The choice of power will be determined by several factors: the weight and frequency of use of the gate, the climate of the region and the terrain.

The best 230 V Faac motors are the most powerful. This is the power supply to the EDF network which supplies a control cabinet controlling one or two motors. Coupled with a transformer, this type of power supply can also supply two 24 V gate motors. If your choice is a hydraulic motor, the motor must be immersed in oil in order to cool more quickly.

By making a test on 24 V gate motors, you can choose a solar kit that will save you significant energy savings. Allowing you to do more maneuvering, this product also requires less wiring work. The best Faac motors also allow you to make various adjustments to reduce the risk of electrocution such as obstacle detection.

The power supply to your new Faac motor will also be determined by the climatic conditions in your place of residence. Choose a 230 V gate motor if you live in an area with temperatures that can drop to minus 0 degrees or in a windy area. The motor will provide enough power to counter the wind which slows down or impedes the closing and opening of the gate.

In order to reduce the constraints on the gate, you can turn to motors with an electric limit switch. Is your place of residence located in a region of high temperature amplitude? Do not hesitate to draw among the best 24 V Faac gate motors on the Comparative.

Which system to choose?

The choice of better Faac motor will then be determined by the type of system that best suits your gate. Two types of gates can be fitted with a motor: the sliding and swing gate.

For a sliding gate

Do you want to install a motor on your sliding gate? Make a test on freestanding systems or floor track systems. The operating mode of the floor rail system (floor rack) is simple. The opening and closing of the gate will be ensured by the motor which will drive the leaf to the side. This type of motorization will be perfect for a large gate built in a heavy material. In addition, the latter offers you a good space saving.

The free-standing system will work well on soft ground and on gates made from lightweight materials such as aluminum and PVC. The gate must not weigh more than 300 kg. With this type of motorization, your gate does not touch the ground. Thanks to a triangular extension, the gate will be kept in balance and will be able to move on a rack.

For a swing gate

Five models of Faac motors for swing gates are available on the websites of Comparative : arm, jack, wheel, buried or integrated motors. The arm motor has several articulated arms which will operate the joinery smoothly. Easy and quick to install, this model offers you good value for money. Able to motorize a three-meter gate, this model also offers rapid opening, requires a 220 V electrical supply and requires no effort on the rotation axes.

The best Faac actuator motors are very suitable for aluminum, wooden or iron swing gates of around 400 kg. The latter work best on more robust materials, because they require significant force on the hinges. The motor operates two jacks fixed on the pillars and on each leaf of the gate. Unlike articulated arm drives, actuator motors on site Comparative are more discreet and require a 12 or 24 V supply.

The wheel motor will be intended for gates positioned on sloping grounds. Requiring 12 to 24 V to operate, this type of motor will allow you to make small savings. If you are looking for an engine that is easy to install, consider making a test on an integrated Faac motor. The latter nevertheless requires an arrival of 220 V to operate. The underground motorization is the most expensive model and its installation requires some work.

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