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Difficult to make a choice for your new Dehumidifier? We wrote this Special Dehumidifier buying guide to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we have done our best to help you choose the best Dehumidifier!

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Dehumidifier buying guide

The Dehumidifier which may at first appear very technical is a fairly simple device. It has one main function: that of dehumidifying the ambient air, whether in a small room, or more generally in a house. It is a device that must be chosen with real care, because it also has a health role. In this buying guide, you will have all the explanations regarding the choice of your Dehumidifier.

What is a dehumidifier?

As said above, a Dehumidifier is a device to overcome the humidity in the ambient air in order to adapt its rate to your state of health. Classically, it works on the principle of condensation, which first involves sucking in humid air. This humid air will then be condensed. The water resulting from the condensation will be evacuated while the dry and hot air will be propelled from the Dehumidifier in the room. The ambient air will therefore be less humid with a temperature that will rise by around 2 degrees.

Different models of dehumidifier

There are two kinds depending on the dehumidification technology.

Compressor devices

They are simple, effective and hold up well in high humidity. This type of device works with the help of a fan which sucks in the humid air, rid it of humidity thanks to a process of condensation which takes place in the refrigerated evaporator and returns the hot air to the room. in question.

Silica gel devices

These work by propelling moist air towards silica gel through a blower. Through the tests, we can easily notice that they are economical, silent and ecological dehumidifiers.

The criteria for choosing a dehumidifier

Choose the best Dehumidifier is not always obvious. Your purchase must then be based on given criteria in order to make a good comparison.

Air flow per day

This data represents the amount of air that a Dehumidifier is able to vacuum and dehumidify daily. The airflow per day is still referred to as the dehumidifying capacity and has been shown with testing that it can vary from device to device. To determine that a Dehumidifier is effective or not, this is the thing to watch out for. Obviously, if you buy a device that has a low dehumidifying capacity compared to your room, the process will take a long time, and the device will seem inefficient to you.

The scope of the dehumidifier

It represents, as its name indicates, the area that the Dehumidifier. It is expressed in square meters and is a criterion that must be taken into account. Thus, the larger the surface area of ??the room to be dehumidified, the greater the range of the device must be. This is a criterion that goes hand in hand with the dehumidification capacity. And you should also know that an efficient device will tend to cover a distance greater than its range as soon as the surrounding air is dehumidified. It's a bit like an air conditioner that after cooling a surface, spreads its action around it.


Since you don't buy a Dehumidifier to watch it deteriorate as quickly as possible, it is important, even essential, to take into account its strength and reliability. This is something that should be in your core criteria. Indeed, the goal when you buy this kind of device is that it lasts as long as possible without giving a hard time. This is one of the criteria we emphasized the most in our various tests.

The hygrostat

The hygrostat is the humidity regulator. It is a control that allows you to set the desired humidity level, the rate that the Dehumidifier gradually. This rate once reached will be maintained. Remember that the ideal humidity level inside a home is between 45 and 60 degrees.

While a basic hygrostat system simply allows you to adjust the humidity level, there are advanced systems which can, through a timer, allow you to program the start and stop times of the appliance. Others also have a crystal display that shows other information, including the ambient humidity level.

Sound level

A Dehumidifier is considered best when it is silent. Like any other electrical device, it should be invisible. Taking into account the comparisons, it appears that a lower power device will emit less energy than a more powerful device.


Design is also an important criterion. For a device that will be indoors all the time, it needs to blend in with the surroundings. Although this is not the criterion that tops the list, it should not be overlooked.


Even if you don't have to move your Dehumidifier, it is important to take into account its weight and size. There are even some that have casters for easy movement.

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