WHO brings different techniques to quit smoking up to date

Every year on World No Tobacco Day, WHO is flooding the world with various rhetoric aimed at educating smokers about the risks they face. Beyond cancer-type diseases and cardiovascular weakness that they take the risk of contracting in a very amplified way, they can also make their loved ones sick because of the smoke exhaled with each cigarette smoked. Because there are many ways to quit smoking today, it's high time to take charge of your life!

Habits that must finally be changed

States are encouraged by the WHO to toughen their anti-smoking policies, but it is necessary to understand that the will of the smoker is stronger than anything else.A person who wants to get rid of a nicotine addiction will have the means to do so, especially since today laboratories have developed procedures that are relatively effective on certain individuals.Nicotine patches can help with cravings, just like nicotine candy.But what laboratories do not always take into account is that beyond an addiction to a substance, there is an addiction to a gesture that it is sometimes very difficult to get rid of. Kumulus Vape offers smokers an alternative still too little known: the electronic cigarette.

The e-cigarette, the big winner in the fight against smoking

Perhaps next year the e-cigarette will be on the WHO's honor roll for the best ways to quit smoking, but in the meantime, let's decode this often-criticized yet proven tool.

Studies follow one another and are not alike and urban legends die hard.No, the electronic cigarette does not cause cancer, at least not when it is used in optimal conditions, which is always the case.Indeed, improper use will disgust the vaper who will end up with a terrible taste in the mouth.Clearly, addiction to nicotine is not in itself a bad thing, since it does not cause cancer, unlike the tar that is found in tobacco cigarettes.An e-liquid is simply food flavors, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and nicotine.Simple and efficient !A wide choice of products is available on sites like Kumulusvape.fr or in physical stores throughout France.

Little-known alternatives that seem to work

World No Tobacco Day is an opportunity to remind smokers who are still skeptical of nicotine-containing products that some of them are very fond of alternative methods! While hypnosis works more or less depending on the patient, acupuncture can claim to work on many smokers. Once again, quitting smoking is decided, the methods proposed here can support individuals whose willpower must in any case be strong.