Hair removal: laser or pulsed light?


Hair removal is for women what daily shaving is for men: a real chore. Sometimes painful, time-consuming and expensive, traditional waxing is not for everyone. For about ten years or so, two new techniques have appeared: permanent laser hair removal and so-called semi-permanent pulsed light hair removal. What are the differences and disadvantages of each method? We tell you everything here.

The differences between laser and pulsed light

First of all, it is a technical disparity. While the laser produces a very precise beam that destroys the hair bulb in depth, the pulsed light therefore emits light with photons and heat that will target the pigmented hair bulbs to make them disappear.

The rays emitted by the laser are in principle not very painful, because the devices are accompanied by a system of cooling of the skin while the pulsed light emits a heat of up to 70, but a time so small that the or the patient does not really have time to realize. It is repetition in the same area that can become more sensitive.

The other difference is that pulsed light hair removal is done in a beauty salon, while lasers are generally reserved for dermatologists. There are even pulsed light devices that can be bought off the shelf and used at home as indicated in the url:

The ideal recommendation for using it is to have fair skin and dark hair, you should not expose yourself to the sun beforehand and do not wax between sessions so as not to tear off the bulb which must be burned.

The number of sessions required is roughly similar with the two techniques, namely between seven and ten sessions.

The disadvantages of each method

These are two relatively expensive techniques that require patience. It takes several sessions and wait at least two weeks between each appointment. In general, the laser is more expensive, but its result will be final.

Pulsed light hair removal can be done yourself with the right device while it is not possible with a laser.

The major disadvantage of the latter method is that it is not definitive, but has to start the process over about every three years. However, it must be admitted that if you start young, you will have less and less hair and over time the result will be identical to that of the laser.

It all depends on the goal you pursue: the ease of buying a device and having the time or a slightly more expensive, painful, but definitive method.

In both cases, the women say they are ultimately very satisfied with the results and have absolutely no regrets about the investment or the time spent. The laser suitable for all skin types, but not white hairs. Pulsed light is even a little more restrictive, because even a blond or red hair will not be able to be eliminated and even less with darker skin.