In 2018, why pay your bank card if you can have it for free?

Most of the time, when you have had an account in a bank for several years, you stay there. Few people change banks simply because they don't want to change their habits or don't want to bother with time-consuming administrative procedures. The problem is, without you even realizing it, each year your bank card and account fees increase little by little. By the way, back in those days, when you joined your bank, you probably had to pay your credit card! A shame, since in 2018 it is quite possible to have a free mastercard bank card. How? 'Or' What ? Quite simply by changing bank.

Online banking, good for your wallet

Since the internet came into being, new possibilities have been opened up to everyone. A new kind of bank has therefore gradually taken hold in the IT landscape. These online banks are much more interesting than you might think and it would be a shame not to take advantage of them. Concretely, in a traditional bank like yours, to obtain an international bank card, it will be necessary to pay between 35 and 50 € per year of expenses. On the other hand, if you want to have a free mastercard bank card, Is Online Banking That You Should Turn to? Why ? For the simple reason that in the first place, most of these online banks offer you a nice welcome bonus but that's not all since there are also no account maintenance fees since there is no actual account. Thus, the online banks can be quite advantageous on many levels.

How to find the best online bank?

As you might expect, there are many online banks. Indeed, these new banks became democratized in the space of a few years. So it can be difficult to choose from all these online banks. Therefore, why not use a comparator? This way you can more easily find an online bank that suits you according to different criteria and of course, you can even get a free mastercard bank card, what more could you ask for? So if you want to change bank and opt for a non-online bank, use a comparator and make your research easier.

As you will understand, now it is quite possible to obtain a free mastercard bank card very easily and without having to pay account maintenance fees by choosing an online bank. Many people still don't trust online banking because most people have little change. Yet in many cases the changes are beneficial. So rather than wasting money unnecessarily on exorbitant fees, switch banks and opt for online banking!