How to ride a motorcycle safely?

motorcycle safe

Whether you are discovering the joys of motorcycle riding for the first time or are already a seasoned rider, remember that safety should always be the order of the day. Taken to the letter, these tips should help you ride a motorcycle in complete peace of mind.

Always respect the Highway Code

motorcycle safe1When you have your hands on the handlebars, you have to stay focused on the road. The use of headphones or any other accessory that could interfere with driving is prohibited and entails the risk of falls and other road accidents. All the senses should be on the alert during the journey and the mirrors should be well placed to monitor the sides and rear in order to avoid for example entering the rearview mirror of a car or banging the door of a car. a driver. In fact, you have to learn to beware of zealous drivers, because there is no shortage of them, especially on highways.

Once on the road, pay attention to roundabouts and intersections. Respect for road signs and priorities are essential, we must avoid forcing the passage at the risk of ending up on the ground, two wheels in the air. Likewise, it is not advisable to follow the cars too closely and pass them on the right, as they can for example brake hard or turn, which is a huge risk. The idea is to move up the line at a moderate pace and always keep a safe distance from the cars.

Equip yourself with the right safety accessories

Motorcycle riding should always go hand in hand with choosing the right equipment, starting with the helmet which is essential. The helmet is indeed a mandatory equipment that is currently found in various models: modular, jet or full, which leaves a wide choice for bikers. The open face helmet is ideal for summer because it is light and comfortable to wear. However, since it does not have a chin bar, it does not protect the lower face. The modular helmet, for its part, combines comfort and safety. Easy to wear, it is suitable for all seasons and offers a good level of protection. Finally, the full face helmet is perfect for those looking for a model that offers maximum protection.

To combine comfort and safety on the road, it will also be necessary equip yourself with good protection that will protect you in the event of a fall. Also, to complete the helmet, you will have to put on the right shoes. Closed preferably, the shoes for the practice of motorcycling can equally well be boots or high shoes with non-slip soles. Models with laces are tolerated, but it is imperative to tie them well, otherwise the laces will come loose during the journey and get caught in the foot controls. Finally, gloves are just as essential, because they protect hands from the cold and scratches in the event of a fall. Choose from leather or padded models for maximum efficiency.