How to recover deleted data from hard drive?

hard drive data

All of us have accidentally deleted files on a computer or USB drive.

There is also the case where you have deliberately destroyed data thinking that you should never use it again and then the day comes when you are asked for a job that requires finding these elements. Do you think this is impossible? Not anymore, because there is data recovery software that can search computer memory for what you thought was lost forever. How to select a software adapted to its situation on the technical and practical level?

Compatibility of data recovery software 

When looking to recover data, you should first consider the support of the software or application you intend to use by the medium where the research will be carried out. You must therefore first consider the compatibility of your hardware with the software. The system EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free for example will support data that was saved under Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008, Windows operating systems Server 2003.

If you have an Apple Mac device, you will need to find the software that supports its operating mode.

A second element of the system requirements for using data recovery software is the space occupied on the hard disk of the hardware, in other words the space required in the memory of the device where the search will take place.

Apart from these two technical points, which are not exhaustive, you should also choose the software on a purely practical level with regard to these features.

Features of data recovery software

The first question that will come to mind is the cost of such a tool. Is it paid or free? Most of the software currently on the market is free or has a free first version up to a certain level of file size to recover and beyond this threshold for paid versions.

Other software not only goes recover deleted files but also protect your computer against possible further loss for the same reason. Some will thus offer you to install a kind of protection on the recycle bin which will always allow you to find a copy of the files that will be placed there by mistake or on purpose, even after clicking on "empty the recycle bin"

Last but not least, the software must correspond to your situation, that is to say be able to find your data according to how it disappeared. So there is data recovery software after formatting a drive, SD card or other storage media.

When the media is formatted, all the files present are erased to create a new file system. In reality the data still exists on the computer hard drive used for formatting and only recovery software will allow you to access it again.